Northern Savings Credit Union In Water!

The Credit Union has a nice river trying to run threw the building and is flooding the back of the building… They are fighting to keep the buckets empty! Husky is having trouble with the pumps!! Anyone else out there having bad luck today? Hahaha

Broken main,or waterline?.

their liquid assests are bursting at the seams

Hot water tank blew upstaires lol!

That is going to be one big mess to clean up … I thought something was up as I saw the clean up crew and some of the bosses there early this am! 

Oooh that sucks!!  But at least it’s not the sewer line!!  :smiley:

Now that would be a crappy situation!


Uh oh. They have a banking data center in the building.  :astonished:

Money Laundering Leak?