Northern Health Bus

I’ve heard that the Northern Health Bus will be phased out as it is underused. Can’t seem to find this on the net. Anyone have any info?

Not true actually, the ridership for November reached 1000 people. Article is going in the paper tonight. It is underused but getting up there.

I think the justification behind something like the Northern Health bus might not be how many people are riding it, but how many people would be disadvantaged were it not available–so yea, can’t imagine they’d scrap it.

I used it to get to my MRI in PG, I couldnt afford any other way at that time. I hope they keep it around, The bus driver was telling me they were looking into new buses

1000 people rode the ONE Northern Health bus in JUST November?  Or the month of November brought the TOTAL users to 1000 from the beginning of the program?

If it were 1000 in only the month of November… I’d say that bus has served one heck of a purpose! 

1000 for the year!!!(or till november)it had 1500 last year at a cost of over 5mill for the program…sounds like a lot of money for one or two people per trip,what is the matter with Greyhound!

Sell the empty seats on a standby basis.
$10 to Terrace
$25 to Smithers or Burns
$50 to PG
No guarantees. Pay yer money and take yer chances.

I agree  but

Greyhound fought the service…  and no way would selling off empty space to the general public ever be allowed… 

Talked to a couple that made the trip to P.G. last winter…12 hours later…the trip from hell.We have a way better connect with Vancouver,way more options.Bus might work for the towns that are closer to P.G.Still think it is a waste of $$$

I agree esp to Vancouver… Instead of a heavily tax payer funded bus service the government should have simply assisted by covering a large portion of air fares for folks traveling for medical reasons…

Do it the way welfare did it here. Told the guy with no legs and one arm they’d cover bus fare to the doctor in Prince George.
Then they gave him $2.75 for each way and said that’s what bus fare in in Vancouver, their hands are tied, sorry, fuck off and die if you don’t like it.