Northern expedition

Any body know why the Northern Expedition has been parked in the middle of harbor for the past three days? Saturtday morning they were dicking about with the visor and ramp.
Are there problems with it? If not it’s not making much $ sitting there.

expeditions season doesnt start till its first run on the 18th from hardy. they are doing training etc still

With the Northern Adventure now out of circulation for the week, might be a good “real time training exercise” to send the vessel to the Charlottes for passenger retrievals… :smiley:

That would make too much sense for BC Ferries.

Well to be fair to BCF, I suspect that until the crew is properly trained and certified for transit that there would probably be legal issues involved and thus they would not be able to use the expedition this way.  But it doesn’t look too good to have a ferry hanging around the harbour while the service gets suspended for the week…  maybe they can bring the QPR back up as a back up and let it park at one of the docks in town, could make it a floating museum of BC Ferries history (one that can come back to life if need be he he) :sunglasses:

it actually hasnt been handed over to pr terminal into their posession for runs yet. its still under care of the operations dept of bc ferries. once training etc and its first run comes inline its good to go

Could the fact that its sitting out in plain view, lights blazing every night, have anything to do with the fact that the Liberals are gunning for this riding?

I can see it from my front window.  It’s actually pretty neat.  I don’t want to speculate about why it’s there or anything, but I can say that the kids and I have enjoyed just “looking” at it the past couple of days.  I love my peek-a-boo ocean view!

In that case, I suggest they have a policy of not networking their computers together…  :smiley:

Are you guys that hungry for negativity. The new ferry is simply going through trials and training, before it goes into service. I believe it only just was signed off from the shipyard this week after it passed CSI and Tranport Canada Board trials and tests.

Your name is poo.

Take a look here:

And you’re accusing others of negativity?

The Northern Adventure may be having a few problems, but it was interesting to read the following review in the UK’s Guardian online favourably describing the ex-Sofia as a low budget alternative to a cruise compared to the less posh Alaska State Ferry’s MV Taku: … e?page=all

Some of the description of Rupert was a bit off, in that visitors seeing all of the greenery of the Inside Passage assume that many loggers still inhabit the coast.