North Coast results

Here’s a link to the CBC results:

early so far, only 5 polls counted, but Coons is winning 97-41.

Goodbye Belsey? Will he have to leave Rupert 4 years earlier than he expected?

I’ll bet Belsey moves out of town immediately.

Well, changed now, Belsey’s winning 337-249.

Now Belsey is up 337-249 after 5 polls.

Talk about back and forth :wink:

It’s gonna be close. 604-597 for Coons.

The real story is in Terrace-kitimat, where the NDP is kicking ass. Holy shit.

Yep, Robin Austin has already been elected in the Skeena, with only 20 of 76 polls counted?

Wow, that’s crazy. I think the Kitimat vote probably all went against the Liberals and Alcan. The First Nations vote probably went against the Liberals too, I guess they remember the referendum.

Gary Coons: 1355
Bill Belsey: 1162

It’s going to be close.

You guys seem to really like this Coons guy, hope you get what you want.

Coons is up 175 votes after 40 of 82 polls.

Now Coons is up 234 votes after 50 polls counted.

Coons declared elected!

You know, North Coast is in a pretty good place right now! If Coons, which I favor, is elected, he will be a strong voice for the north and will work well with the Skeena guy and with Cullen. But if Belsey is elected, I must admit that, even though I don’t like that idea, Campbell might just give him a cabinet position because there will be less people to choose from and because this is a key riding. Then Belsey will have to work hard to stay around for the next term. It’s almost a win-win situation but I still want Coons to be elected.

CBC just declared Coons as the winner! I hope it doesn’t change!


Yup, Coons declared elected by CBC.

I was just down at his office and Fish Hall (which has wireless access, so I’ll be bringing down my laptop now :wink:

I could have sworn I saw a while ago the NDP had won 30 seats, and now it only says 29?? What’s up with that?

I’m not happy with the local result, but I’m just one guy, one vote. One positive thing did come out of this election, and that is the fact that there is a definite opposition in the Legislature. The balance that everyone has been looking for is there. I’m really hoping that we, as a region, are not left out of the support loop as a result of our decision.

It keeps changing, that’s elected or leading…

Personally, I think Bill Belsey could easily have won this election if he hadn’t been so negative to people who disagreed with him. Telling people to “get a life” and basically dismissing anybody who didn’t agree with him is not the way to get re-elected.

He’s also been holding back on the pizza pockets and Tang this time around.

Didn’t you hear Eso?? He has a new crop of young Liberals to tend to now. You guys got too old and formed your own opinions :smiley: