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Actually, she’s a very popular HK entertainer who died recently of liver cancer. She brings lots of happiness and well known for her iconic laugh and charity work here in Vancouver.

She left behind her daughter. Very sad.

R.I.P.  :cry:


I couldn’t help the fact her laugh is so goddamn hilarious and legendary that I have make a pic and post it here.  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Feel free to redistribute it elsewhere on the internets.

Hey, spread the happiness by posting this pic elsewhere. 

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

See …
If I was an admin or a Moderator…This would now have to go to the wasteland as its WAY of topic.

You’re sad.

whats sad is how you divert from a thread titled “should we sell citywest” to you starting a memorial for some fat old chick from hong kong…
Can you not stay focussed noodle head?


Oh Come ON!!!
you should be thankful I’m not a moderator kim il jong crossed with hitler.
you should start a new thread titled “I am attnetion defecit”  or “I cry for you fat asian girl”…
what ever ya feel like i guess;topic=8933.0;attach=2968;image

awesome…thanks kim il jong crossed with hitler.
I really think  thats what you should change your name to…
Thanks for doing it

:astonished: wow, you can only look at that picture so many times, lol

I totally agree.

Anyways, she was much more well known amongst the Asian population…
She helped with so many causes and charities that Sam Sullivan even named a day after her and Stephen Harper sent a representative to her funeral.

Think I seen the Daughter playing Black jack at chances last week

Actually… she’s taken.  :wink:

(not me obviously)