No sports allowed!

What’s with the signs around the courthouse grounds? No sports allowed on grounds?

Its part of the recreation managers new plan to maintain the fields and recreation facilities. Since they apparently lost two managers at 100k a piece they figure the best method to get a handle on things is to ban all recreation from recreational facilities.

That’s going to piss off a lot of people who play volleyball on the lawn during nice weather.  Its always nice to see them playing, having fun and enjoying themselves while driving down McBride Street.  Kind of sad! :frowning:

It’s those frisbee gangs and those volleyball varmints again!!  They look like a tough intimidating crew to me…!! What the …?????

Was great to see a group of teens and twentysomethings that were laughing, being physically active (participaction phrase come to mind, anyone?) and just generally being well-behaved human beings.  Sure hope they didn’t leave garbage or spit lying around. 

Too many complaints of inactive people and, then, when they find some place to have an activity, some one has to go and rain on their parade.  Was that the city’s short-sightedness again?  or a provincial blunder?

What the hell is going on where we are being told or regulated with shit such as that. For years young and old have enjoyed playing on the lawn or grounds of the court house, so now after spoiling one manager the question of two arises. We are being punished for some silly spending last year. The White House of third avenue is really starting to screw the citizens over.

I doubt anyone has to be too concerned about it.  I think the groups that like to participate in their sports will continue as who is really going to enforce this anyway?  The cops?  LOL  I like to see them playing also, so I say, break the law, throw a ball but just don’t spit, that may cost ya  :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the grounds at the court house come under provincial jurisdiction, not the city.  I heard the groundskeepers are ‘fed up’ with picking up garbage, bottles, and junk left by the folks playing on the lawns.  Apparently the amount of dog crap left, some by a couple of paid  ‘dog walkers’ who frequent the area, is also a problem.  The groundskeepers are a local company, on contract, not government employees and having to clean up before they can do their job is time consuming and not in the contract.  Also heard that the City will not pick up the garbage once it is bagged because it is not from inside the building.  Not sure where to complain, maybe BC Housing Corp, they are responsible for maintenance at all provincial government buildings.

Where did I read or hear that the provincial grounds would be used by the people who were selling products on third avenue on cruise ship day.  Maybe it has something to do with that.

(This is my first posting of something totally unconfirmed.  Rather exciting adding to the rumor mill.) 

speaking of participaction… one day I was driving by and seen a card table set up and they were playing Texas hold em!!!LMAO

That is a good idea on sunny days have cards,backgammon,chess. But I would have to learn how to play cards and chess. I like that idea Northern Chick . But will they bust our ass for that as well?

  Not sure where to complain, maybe BC Housing Corp, they are responsible for maintenance at all provincial government buildings.[/quote]

Actually, it’s the Ministry of Citizen’s Services. More specifically, a company called WSI-BLJC is contracted by Accomodation and Real Estate Services (ARES) to maintain Government Buildings like the Courthouse. ARES is a division of Shared Services BC which is within the Ministry of Citizen’s Services responsibility.

WSI has an office in Terrace.

I’ll do a drive by tonight and scoff the signs… no more signs…heh heh…

I would so bring my card table down to Mariners and play a card game or two… on a nice day…that would be sweet…I just might do that… :sunglasses:

Let me know I will play Poker :smile:

  this could be a new recreational activity…hhhmmmmm

haha then the city will need another manager at 100k to take care of it lol

Carefull, chances might make a formal complaint, and put a stop to it, and they’ll have to put up another sign.

speaking of Chances… they have a new general manager don’t they…Kelly Tubbs.
Fred ran out of " chances" ( haha, I’m so funny) as G.M.
By all means, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s what I was told.

Actually Fred is retiring and moving back home due to ill health. Kelly was the 2nd in command and she is now the new manager.

Finally got a look at the signs at the courthouse today. The one I was looking at was paired with a new looking sign asking people to clean up after and leash thier dogs.

So… apparently it’s ok to exercise our dogs there, but not ok to exercise our kids?