No sound on recent bowload

I recently bownloaded a moving picture show for my lappy 3000 and I ain’t does have none sounds…

It’s a Two-part series that plays as WinAmpers files, and they also come with two .srt files (one for each .avi)…

What kind of codecs might I be missing if all other rips and DivX’s work on my computar with sound?

What error message does VLC give you?

I’ve gotta say, my favourite Futurama character, by far, is the robot cop.

“Come on man, i din go firin no lasers” - Bug
"Then why is there a smoking hole in your ceiling sir?" - Cop
"The Crazy upstairs Lady musta been shootin down!" - Bug
"You appear to be on the top floor of this particular Domicile" - Robot Cop

This is all you need right HERE!