No school monday?

rummor has it we dont have school monday ? anyone know about this … ?

they don’t teach kids how to read a newspaper in Rupert ? And I thought it was just SD91 !

Read this from CKNW News website

I’ve confirmed with my contact that there is no school tomorrow at CHSS.

Does that mean you checked your e-mail ? :wink:

Province wide right?


Does that mean you checked your e-mail ? :wink:[/quote]

Nope, I found out before that, I have inside conections. :wink:

Doesnt this suck

I’m hoping no one goes on strike, for the sake of the public. Do you realize how many people will be scrambling around for transportation, babysitters, etc etc ???

I realize that this entire demonstration is FOR the people. But isnt there other ways of getting the point across??

Gotta love this government.

They go to the BC Supreme Court to tell the workers to go back to work.

But just a couple of weeks ago, the BC Supreme Court struck down some of their contract-stripping from last year (the Supreme Court said that they had no right to remove class-size limits from the teacher’s contracts). So what does the government do? Ignores the court and writes a new law to again remove class-size limits.

So which is it? Does the Supreme Court have authority or not? Or should we only listen to the court when it’s convenient?

The only thing consistent with this government is that they are inconsistent.

so whats happening now tomarrow?

What do you suggest? Bend over and take some more?

I think it says so much about BC that so many people won’t be working tomorrow, in support of the hospital workers. It’s democracy in action.

When you’re a worker, the only real bargaining chip you have is your labour. When you’re not happy, you withdraw that labour. That’s what’s happening here, there are a lot of unhappy people, and this is how they’re showing it.

If you can think of a more effective way, then I’m sure the workers of BC will certainly take your advice. You think they want to lose pay?

yeah i read the news at too

So what is happening tomorrow, someone has gotta know. We keep getting mixed messages from the media, like usual.

Check if you’re at CHSS.

If you’re a CHSS student, you’ve already received an e-mail about it, and will probably be receiving a phone call. Don’t know about anybody else.

Listen to CBC radio tomorrow morning for the latest news.

ive heard both sides, is there going to be a definative answer?

Everyone is just going to have to get up early and listen to the radio.

Oh yeah… everyone but me. I’ll be sleeping aaaaaall day.

School is open Monday.

The dispute has been resolved.

[quote=“MiG”]School is open Monday.

The dispute has been resolved.[/quote]

I saw that on the news but details were sketchy on what was acutally resolved.

Ugh… I’ve got a lot of homework to do now.