No politics?

Uh, don’t forget that the so-called WMD intelligence also didn’t fool the Germans, who twice have come closer to taking over the world than the Americans ever have!

I dont think that many doubted the intelligence on the WMD. I think that the premise of going to war while Iraq was not a risk was an issue. Chretien said basically that Iraq was no threat because he is surrounded and under the microscope. There was no reason to go to war. Iraq was not an imminent threat. I’m sure that the Germans also thought that the US intelligence was credible but felt no need to invade. Anyways we are getting off topic…GO HARPER!!!

Mike Scott is a has been, he lies, Andy Burton was the other nut who replaced him so now you want to vote in a retread. Bush is waiting in his oval office learning new words so he can pretend to be smart as Harper.

Well said Justin case, well said.


Well said Justin case, well said.[/quote]

fingahz, I sense a sarcastic tone here.

Ya think?? :laughing:

I find it really sickening that everyone is hopping on the ol’ conservative
bandwagon lately.

The thing with Mike Scott is that he lies, I mean…the things he goes out to
say are ridiculous. For example, apparently not turning up at debates or
something or other a few times? Because he was stuck visiting first nations
leaders. When in fact, he’s been invited more then enough times by these
people and has never showed up.

And it seems that everyones tagging Nathan for his stance on the gun
registry, and is taking some heat from Gary Coons as well for his decisions.
Which I don’t quite understand. Personally I’m going to be interested in
seeing the debate, maybe Mike Scott will show up?

And dammit Fingahz, you anger me with crap like this.

You don’t like flippy-floppy people? Well by your standards, Mike Scott
is probably a flippy-floppy kind of person as well. Like his interesting
stance on Fish farming, he’s against it. Then theres his stance on jobs
where he’ll sacrifice anything to create more jobs. Wow…he’s real
tough on his fish farming. The only good point that Justin Case brought up was that Mike Scott is indeed a liar.

They’re all liars lets just get that out of the way right now. I do not like my choices I think the NDP would do well but they will never get in because nobody in the east is going to vote for them. The main reason the conservatives scare me is the same reason the “bc liberals” are a horrid government.

The jobless rate is down in bc… but what do the jobs pay? minimum wage? Anyone can change labour laws to be walmart friendly and “create jobs” which is what i forsee if harper gets elected.

What is very much needed is someone who will have the balls to actually stand up to the US on softwood lumber. We provide them with one hell of alot of electricity, why cant we charge them tarrifs on that? If they dont pay cut them off.

We need someone in power who will stand up for people not business. Business can stand up for itself the little guy cant.

I will vote liberal because at least I know things wont get worse. That and the economy is doing good so I am happy.

[quote]And dammit Fingahz, you anger me with crap like this.

I’m not a flip-floppy kind of person like yourself or even Nathan Cullen for that matter.

You don’t like flippy-floppy people? Well by your standards, Mike Scott
is probably a flippy-floppy kind of person as well. Like his interesting
stance on Fish farming, he’s against it. Then theres his stance on jobs
where he’ll sacrifice anything to create more jobs. Wow…he’s real
tough on his fish farming. The only good point that Justin Case brought up was that Mike Scott is indeed a liar.[/quote]

My comment about being flip-floppy was based on another comment by poolboy who doesn’t like my stance and told me to keep an open mind. Just because I have a different view than you or him does not mean that I don’t have an open mind. I’ve thought my views out and I’m not going to change it. The whole thing was based on Cullens support of $70 million dollars more into the gun registry. He gets elected based on his platform and what he tells his constituents what he will do for them. When he gets a chance to really stand up for what he believes in he flips his position to vote for something other than what he got elected on. People like you do not seem to want to hold our elected officials accountable. No politician is going to bullshit his way into office and still have my support. No bloody way. I fail to understand why people want to let this go. Politicians have no right to lie their way into office.

I’m not happy with things not getting worse. I things to get better. I’m not happy with the status quo.

Unfortunately, it’s almost pointless to argue about who lies and flip flops because anyone who is with one of the main parties is compelled to row with party lines. Joining a political party, especially one of the main ones, is mostly about opportunism and career advancement; to advance, you have to “go with the flow” in your party. Very few politicians actually stand by their true principles or go against party positions.

One thing I have to say about the Conservatives is that they are expressing their positions much more clearly and not tap-dancing around the sticky ones, as they did so much last time around. The thing is I don’t trust them. Their 180 degree turns on some issues (now they’re pro-choice??? Now they didn’t want to go into Iraq??) is highly suspicious. Instead of standing by THEIR principles, they’re basically singing old Liberal songs. “Hey, we’re the Liberals, minus the sponsorship scandal!”

Better the devil you know. . .


[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]Curious as to why there’s no political discussion on htmf this time around?
Is no one interested? Harper seems to be gaining ground and pot will stay illegal, gays may lose rights, and now truck drivers may tell judges how to do their jobs in his latest announcement (minumum sentences).
They only lost this riding by 1,000 votes, and every redneck from Fort St. James to Charlotte city is slobbering to vote for them and save a penny GST on a candy bar… the local Liberal filled the front page of our local rag talking about nothing but native issues.[/quote]

See what you started??:-)[/quote]

Good! Things were entirely too quiet on the subject. I just want to make a couple points on other posts.
Supporting $70 million to the gun registry bought the NDP over $4.5 BILLION influence in the budget. Money that helped in day to day things. Politics is compromise and sometimes you give a little to gain a lot. As a business person I could gain by helping the conservatives. All I’d have to give would be a stab in the back to every gay friend, and every low income person (and I call <$30,000 low) I ever met. No way.

This WILL be a two way race and Nathan needs backing. Voting NDP here gets us Liberal support without the dirt.

Baby Republicans? Even though I’ve voted in every election since 1972, got old, got more conservative and pro-business, I can’t help every time I hear the word ‘conservative’ conjuring images of ‘little piggies in their starched white shirts’…

Here’s the ammo to knock Harper support down a peg: Tory plan would scrap Liberal tax cut on low income earners

Yeah, and wasn’ it hilarious the other day when Harper called someone making $90,000 annually a middle-income earner. $90,000??? Yeah, those are the people who will benefit from the GST cut, but they’re rich people not middle class. The average Canadian income in actually about $35,000, Bubble Boy.

Yeah I noticed the sign the other day and got a little confused. Frankly I’m surprised there isn’t some election rule stopping him from using those signs.


But he gave up his position, Andy Burton replaced Mike . Nathan wupped Andy . Now Mike wants to run once more, does that not make Mike a retread? If not then I believe there should be some rules changed in that area. I think maybe Nathan should look into that one as well.

I would like to comment on the use of the term “liar” to describe politicians. I think it is the nature of the beast that at one time or another, someone can be pinned as a liar when he/she is elected in office. Now, depending on what issues are important to us, we might overlook some of these lies and not forgive others.
Also, as certain amount of “flip flopping” is part of the work as well. When someone takes a stand on a given issue, it would be very narrow minded not to allow space for a change in opinion as one becomes more knowledgeable. Harper’s opinion change about Irak and Cullen’s about the budget vote are good examples of that. Heck, even one of the worst example of narrow-minded canadian politician, Gordon Campbell, changed to help resolve the teacher conflict.
I’m not trying to excuse a lack of integrity in our elected officials. I am just saying that those who maintain their integrity absolutely intact without compromise will not last long in our political system where disrespect and searching for dirt seems to be more and more prevalent.

We’re noobies to this riding. Never heard of Mike.
I was thinking retread as in ‘takes the litle bus’ to school…

Cullen didnt change his opinion. He voted against his own beliefs and against his platform. As far as I am concerned it was mis-representation and he should be held accountable. All politicians that do this should be. There is a culture in politics that this activity is okay and I dont like it. Its time to change it. So corrupt and dishonest that it makes me ill.

Herbie, thats would be close enough for him I would figure. By the way speaking of the retread who wants to be re-elected, can someone ask Mike to compare his working record with our man Nathan? how about his time spent on the hill?How about how many meetings he missed or avoided here in the North West? Can Mike give us all a real honest answer as to why he chose not to attend the signing of The Nisga Treaty? Oh, Mike why did you really quit on us Mike?


I’m not happy with things not getting worse. I things to get better. I’m not happy with the status quo.[/quote]

Neither am I but I believe things will get worse under Harper. I think the NDP could do well for canada but they wont be given a chance, my vote goes to maintaining the status quo rather than voting for harper and most likely making things worse.

Again under harper I see a greater US influence over Canada, greater cuts against low income people (which currently includes myself). What benefit will harper offer to me? I have yet to see one positive thing he will do for me, cut the GST great thanks for 10 cents a year. Here is what matters to me:

  1. I want someone who will stand up to the US for my interests as well as the intrests of other canadians

  2. Education, I want more assistance for my education (as long as I stay withing canada to work)

  3. I want the days where people mattered back. I do not want the days where we will sacrifice people in order to gain more walmarts. Just because walmarts employ alot of people doesnt mean they are good. Can you live off 8.00/hr?

  4. Medicare, I do not want a privatized system for medicare. I do not believe profits should be made by caring for the citizens of our country.

  5. Gay marriage, have at it as long as they stop bitching im good (doesnt affect me but im sick of hearing them bitching). They get the same benefits and drawbacks of other people great.

  6. Equality amoung citizens no more of this i am a minority so i deserve special rights bs. This goes for natives chinese people tasmanian devils whatever we are all canadian citizens and deserve the same rights. This wont happen but a guy can dream.

  7. Less dependance on the USA its great that they are convienient trading partners and all but we need to start using other options so they cant dick us around so much.

I dont believe the conservatives will bring me any of these things. If anything they will take away some of them which is why I am voting against them.

He must of hit a moose on the way there :laughing: