No new DR.s for rupert as 2 more leave...FOR GOOD!

As I wonder whats going on up-here, I have come to the conclusion that there are no dr’s for about  1500 people(IN Rupert)…so now you have go to  the ER  and soon there will be a 3-4 hour wait to see doctor …as the next two DR’s are leaving at the end of May ,which will add more demand to local Hospital staff …god help us, I’m looking in Terrace and Kitimat aready  and their DR’s number have dropped also!! so good luck to all in the north as we let these South africian assholes  who,move here (CANADA) where they want to live and yet they are aloud to move freely after 2-4 years,making these DR.Gaps in the Smaller towns…should their contracts be longer at 4-6 years,  as this isn’t helping our Country,SmallTowns,and our future.

I think we should thank our lucky stars that doctors are willing to come here at all and we should take what we can get and be glad at least there are some coming.

Which Doctors are leaving?

Hey pal.  What about the doctors that have been here 5 , 6 even more than 10 years.  Its the law of averages.  Some percentage of the docs are going to only stay a short time and some are going to love it and stay for longer, maybe even for good.  Do your homework, out of the docs that are still here 8 are Canadian and 11 are South African.  If it wasn’t for these South Africans we would be counting on 8 GP’s and no permanent specialists for the whole town. 

I have no problem with South African Doctors.  My GP is South African.

Well that should bring the opening theme of this debate to a quick and welcome end…

No use bashing the doctors, they’re playing by the rules as outlined, and as pointed out above, a good many of those that came from out of country have chosen to stay here.

UNBC has a medical course on now, and even from that graduating class, a fair number of the grads are moving out of the north, and the taxpayers have helped out with that program. So save some of your anger for the Canadian born ones too, it’s just the way it shakes out… … ml?ref=rss

Maybe the gov’t should look into more incentives and a better access to extras for the current doctors both Canadian and imports that have chosen to work outside of the larger centers. 

Huh?  You think we should have slaves?  We should tell Canadian citizens where they should live and work? 

Listen, when more Canadian-born people go to school, graduate, then go to university, graduate, then go to medical school, graduate, etc.  Then we’ll have no need for foreign-born doctors.

Until then, how about you work on your spelling and grammar, so you can graduate?

You’re a perfect example of why we need more educated immigrants.

It isnt all their fault, you cant blame them actually. As other have said, the fault is in the government not the doctors, what if you went to school for years to be lets say a heavy duty mechanic and when you get a job in rupert you find the shop they want you to work in doesnt have any  modern tools, you know, the ones they taught you how to use in school. Instead they have a coal furnace and an anvil, they expect you to work as a blacksmith instead of the mechanic you trained as, if that isnt enough to piss you off the coal fired furnace is always out of coal and you have to share a furnace made for 5 with 18 others, years later a real shop with real tools offers you a job, do you refuse it ? Not likely, you can hardly blame them.

We are very fortunate in Prince Rupert to have the doctors we have, I have worked with a lot of them and for someone to call them assholes is total bullshit. You obviously haven’t a clue. They are some of the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable doctors we have.

If you are complaining about having to wait 3 or 4 hours in emergency to see a doctor then welcome to Canadian healthcare. I have waited much longer in other emergency rooms, 3 or 4 hours is a joke, I once waited 10 hours to see a doctor in Newfoundland after having a neck injury due to a bad car accident.

Doctor shortages are everywhere. We just have to deal with it the best we can. I understand why some of these doctors leave, small towns are not for everyone, better opportunities come their way and they have families to consider as well.

My suggestion is for you to get over it.

The South African doctors are saving our ass.  There is a doctors shortage everywhere and in case you have been asleep for the past 10 years you should know that virtually every occupation has reduced numbers.  The female doctor who just left and also happens to be South African, actually moved back to South Africa.  It’s not as if she bailed out of here for the Okanagan. She went home.  The doctors here are over worked and all of them that I have met are terrific people and I’m glad to call a few of them my friends.

As for a fact I’m first gen.Can. myself,I was born here and my family has gone to war for this country…The Matter, I have is that People move here and use Rupert as a transfer station,Yes some stay but most leave and yes the gov’t make the $$ choices that limit our spending.
The other thing  is that most Doc. find there spot in the world just like everyone else, population gaps has changed,everywhere and we as a town,must recruit with more wisdom.
And as a country as a whole I notice that the white docs that come here work here and move while non-white doc deliver pizza,funny we already have slaves…u just don’t know it…

Your post hurts my brain to read.