No Hockey for you!

There won’t be any crushing checks on the blue lines nor play on the boards in Prince Rupert in 2007-08. The CIHL has expanded by two teams and Prince Rupert has once again decided to not join the loop for the next season. … 8249&more=

The Hazeltons and Vanderhoof will bring the AA Senior League up to nine teams, the CIHL website says that Rupert may join up in the 2007-08 season.

It would be really nice for a CIHL team to call Rupert home, but we can barely keep minor hockey going… I don’t know how an outfit of that calibre would do here.  The arena would need some major seating upgrades, and a lot of crowd control if we’d get competative hockey here… there’s enough problems with drunk and beligerent idiots watching rec league games.