No dial tone

Funny phone story today, the seniors moved their computer to the assisted care and it wouldn’t dial up anymore. So I went over to fix it. No dial tone.
The Nurse told me she called and Telus said they tested it and it was fine. I asked if they came there. No. So how the hell did they test it then? I dunno…
So I drove down to the store, bought them a phone and plugged it in. Sure enough, there was no dial tone, just battery.
Made her open the electrical room and sure, enough the number was on the demarc.
So I whipped out the cell, dialed the number and held it out as it said "The number you called is not in service."
All I could say to her (thru gritted teeth) was if the guy worked for the phone company and got that message when he “tested it” and thought everything was fine he must be pretty fucking stupid, eh? Either that or a liar just getting her to go away. Pick one!
Goddam I’m sick of people, you donate a computer, donate 5 years of internet and they call you up with an attitude (and I’m talking several of the directors) that MY SERVERS are screwing up and I’m just ducking them when I tell them what an error message “means”. Fuck right off.

You went and bought a phone when all you could have done was call the number?

To prove that it didn’t ring and there was no dial tone.  Otherwise, with just the modem plugged in, they would still doubt him, 'cause Telus says the line is fine.

But calling and finding out the number isnt in service pretty much tells you there isn’t going to be a dial tone or even ring because well, the number doesn’t even work.

You don’t get his point?  About his customers not believing him?

“Customer: The internet is broken, your service sucks!”
“Herbie: the phone line is dead, there’s no service, call Telus”
“Customer: Telus says it’s fine, your service sucks!”
“Herbie: The phone line is not in service!”
“Customer: Telus says it’s fine, your service sucks!”
“Herbie: The phone line is not in service!”
“Customer: Telus says it’s fine, your service sucks!”
“Herbie: The phone line is not in service!”

So, get a phone and plug it in there to prove to them it’s not working.

Settled nicely. Ms. Grandpoobah dropped the hammer on the underlings for their rudeness, called me and we’re tying the seniors into our wireless loop.
I donate the setup, they buy the router to spread it for the whole home, and I give them access for 50%.
The nasties wanted $80 a month for the toll-restricted line they hadn’t done but had billed 2 months already, PLUS DSL contract on top of that. Now they’ll pay under $20. They get broadband everywhere, I get some revenue and still donate, it’s all good.
And the old guy in the first room is getting the phone, he had an old dial set, he’s happy too. Best $9 I ever spent at Fields.

(I want that old dial phone!)

Nicely done, herbie! :sunglasses:

Glad everything worked out.  :smile: