No answers for the Queen of the North sinking!

Almost two years of investigation later and it would seem that we will be no closer to knowing exactly what happened on March 22nd, 2006 when the Queen of the North sank off of Gil Island.

The Transportation Safety Board is set to release its report into the maritime incident and according to the CBC, the report will not provide for a definitive answer as to what went wrong that night.

There will apparently be no solution to the puzzle of why the vessel went so terribly off course, resulting in the cost of two lives and near disaster for 99 more…

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They gave answers! They gave… um… 3… uh… what’d they call them? Distractions! HA! They gave 3 distractions!

Well that blows, and boy does it ever suck:unamused:

Well! Well!  girl…and what do you think was going on in the wheelhouse at the time of the crash anyway?   :wink:/
Take it from me…an old sailor  :smiley:

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Right you are “futuregirl” and we wouldn’t want to lie to anyone when it comes to The Queen of The North…she was a “Good Girl” all the way down…the Pride and Joy of many a sailor   :wink:

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