Nisga'a treaty the subject of a court challenge today

An ancestral Nisga’a chief is seeking to have the Nisga’a treaty overturned and today marks his first day in court towards that goal.

Chief James Robinson is scheduled to make his case in B. C Supreme Court later today, outlining that he believes the treaty which created the Nisga’a Lisims government is against the Canadian Constitution.

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An interesting case indeed. The Canadian Constitution cannot be violated at any time by any person or persons so the argument that the agreement might possibly be contrary to the terms of the Constitution is interesting. No agreement could have been struck had it been in violation.

How interesting indeed.

A number of Cree treaties have come under review recently. Particularly those that occurred in the prairie regions.

It seems the Cree may be receiving treaty benefits to which they may not be completely entitled to. The crux of the question lies with the fact that the Cree eliminated a good number of other First Nation groups who had true ancestral rights to the land that the Cree now claim as theirs.

The Cree have ancient ancestral rights to an area around the Hudson’s Bay, not the prairies. They are, therefore receiving the rights of those they vanquished.

How interesting.