Nisga'a arftifacts to be returned today

Close to 300 Nisga’a cultural artifacts will be returned to the Nisga’a Nation today at a ceremony in Greenville, items that have been repatriated from the Museum of Civilizaation in Gatineau, Quebec and from the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria.

The transfer marks the first time that the Nisga’a have repatriated their items under the terms of the Nisga’a Final Agreement, a process they have been working on with both museums for a number of years now…

(from the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire item … today.html)

Live streaming on Ustream. … um=5667449

Just in case our ustream channel URL changes, you can always get our stream live here:

I think we’re streaming live until Friday afternoon, or whenever the Special Assembly is over. We’re also recording the stream, and will post it on the above website, youtube, facebook & twitter feeds.

Thanks for the links. I took some time yesterday to view part of the ceremony of repatriation of the artifacts, was an interesting session to watch.

As predicted, the ustream URL has changed :smile:

The stream is still online at (2nd post down)