Nintendo DS Lite

It has come to my attention that I must purchase a Nintendo DS lite.  Can somebody tell me if I can buy one of these in Rupert?  Does Zellers have them? 

Zellers should have them… if they don’t they can order you one.

Yup, Zellers had one.  $30 cheaper than Futureshop, + free game, +free cases.

What did it run you?

I’m not going to lie, I’ve actually considered buying one.

$149 + games.  Zellers had a free game + case and stuff.

I kinda wanted one too, but I’m sure the only thing I’d play for the first lil bit would be Tetris.

Okay.  What does this unit have that my PS2 doesn’t have?  Just curious:-)

It’s tiny, portable, wifi, touch screen, stylus etc.

Cool:-) Thanks, man!  It sounds good:-)

I want one to, but can you hook it up to your tv?