Nifty website for Linux users

Found this tool for Linux users:

nice one :smile:

Glad you like it:)

That is rather nifty. Obviously your best bet is to check for support before buying the machine though.

I haven’t had a device driver issue on linux for years windows on the other hand…

The last few times I’ve installed Ubuntu on anything, I’ve been really impressed with the out-of-the-box driver support.

So here’s a Q
I added another 1 Gig chip into my Debian Sarge server and when it rebooted the BIOS shows 2 GBs.
When it runs, if you top or free -  it only shows 1 GB. Sometimes with as little as 9 MB free.
My ten minute Google found ‘recompile kernel’ but I’m not going to do that on a running server. Any ideas?

Recompile it and then reboot it.  Not as traumatic as it sounds.  Can you handle a 5-minute outage?  If so, no problem.

Re-compiling for high memory support occurred to me too.  I suppose you could also edit your sources.list and do an apt-get dist-upgrade to Etch.  I know that you don’t want to f**k with a running server.  Sarge is rather ancient and unsupported.

Get a spare box im sure you have some pos somewhere. Install debian/ubuntu/wahtever install drbl+clonezilla.

Boot box off the network, clone box. Upgrade to etch. If it fails reboot, copy image back to running server and then go with plan b.

Total outage time maybe 20 minutes.

Actually have a new box running same setup on Ubuntu 9.04. Figured out “transport” today to redirect mail to the new machine, but now I have to get everyone to get their mail or figure out how to move the old stuff.

imapsync at least thats how i do it.

I was thinking SCP as root to move whole domain folders server to server…? Then chown?

That would work too, I just like imapsync.