Nickel bags

For anyone interested, Extra Foods is now selling nickel bags.

  Do the cops know ?    :smiley:      SO, now I have to search high and low for the bags that I stash somewhere in my fellas’ car for my good intentions of always taking them with me to Extra AND now this means that not only are we bagging our own groceries but now we may pay for the priviledge…AND, I used to use the bags that I now may have to buy for my litter box clean-up daily, what do I do now?  Shop elsewhere so my cats can have a clean box…This is too damn stressful for me…All for the sake of going green, OK, I get it, I’m not happy, but I get it.  I have to go look for those bags now… :angry:

You’re able to use any bags you want, buying the new & enviro friendly nickel bags from extra foods is optional.

Or save up the plastic ones and reuse them - it’s not rocket science.

It seems like a dull night, so I’ll throw out one of my peeves.
It seems that there is a move on to not only charge for plastic grocery bags, but to ban them altogether. Several BC districts have indicated that this is the way to go.

I don’t think that I am unique in using all the grocery bags that I get to use for garbage bags. If they are not available, then I will have to buy commercial plastic garbage bags. The bottom line is that I need plastic garbage bags! (And please don’t tell me that I can use paper bags. They leak all over)! The environment wont be any better off if I have to buy something that I used to get ‘free’.
(I would like to know if there is/was a hidden charge for these bags and if so now we are getting up the hoop double time)!

I for one have had my fill of this enviro saving bull shit…
many of the cloth bags are made in 3rd world … charging a nickel wont stop me from using plastic…  I don’t always plan my shopping… I dont own a car and to me that does more for the environment than any of this bag bs… Mind you I dont have a problem with cars neither, to me this enviro saving is I said bs…all it’s about is more profit…

Excuse me while I hug a tree.  :smiley:  I dunno, I think every little bit helps the environment.  Each to his own though.

Shades of 1968…  :smiley:

So get used to bringing your own reusable bag. They all do it now.
Or ask for PAPER bags and keep BC people working.

Hah - right - that’s why the mill here is still running and why Mackenzie hasn’t lost almost every forestry company up there.  Nice try though. :wink:

Having been out at the Civic Pride cleanup this weekend, I gotta say, after cigarette filters, plastic bags were the most common thing out there.  Bags from 7-11, the beer and wine, groocery stores, they’re all out there, making Rupert look hideous.  If they cost a buck each, maybe people wouldn’t be so cavalier about just hucking them into the bushes.  Granted, banning them altogether would cause some logistical problems for a while, but we’re smart, I’m sure we could come up with ways around disposing of cat litter and leaky garbage. 

  Great Job everyone who participated in the clean-up!!  :smiley:  I have one question though, was down at Kwinitza yesterday after work soaking up the rays and wondered why the garbage collected by Civic Pride is still sitting by the garbage can there and the birds are starting to pick away at it…Who is supposed to pick up the bags collected?

Is this a  “things are already screwed, so we shouldn’t even try” response? Are you for exporting more raw logs for the same reason?
Did you know the main threat to pulp&paper in Canada? A tax incentive in the USA. If you add bio-fuel to oil you get a massive subsidy. So US mills are adding diesel to the black liquor they normally use to power the mill. The exact opposite of the intent of the grant, they’re increasing oil use and getting $6 billion in advantages over Cdn pulp mills…

No it is not a ‘things are already screwed’ attitude, and I am well aware of the exportation of raw logs and the (IMO) unethical ‘loophole’ surrounding the running of some US Kraft mills.  I do feel that there are things that can be done to help deal with the crappy things the US has pulled in regards to the loopholes, but I am not in the enforcement industry and have no pull in US government.  Also, I highly doubt that the US mills are actually going to make $6 billion over the next couple of years with the economy the way it is.  It will bounce back, yes - it always does, forestry is market based and the market is largely cyclical.

Am I pissed off that those US mills are basically scamming their way through a shitty market?  You bet.
Am I pissed off about all the Softwood Lumber bullshit?  You bet.
Am I pissed off about the exportation of whole logs?  (I am sure you already know my answer to that one)

BUT - some of the emerging markets overseas are able to produce things a hell of a lot cheaper than North America (or at least, WERE able to before the world economy slowdown) - and what do many NA companies do?  Do they restructure and adjust their business plans to compete?  No - they bitch and whine and scream foul play - and then many of them shut down or take significant downtime to survive.  I have compassion for those employed in the sector that are losing their jobs or being laid off, but at some point the market HAS to balance itself.  Flooding the market with lumber and pulp while costs to produce it skyrocketed is NOT going to guarantee that every single business in the industry will survive. 

I think we should all buy nickle bags and some papers.  Then we could all get together and hope some one brought a lighter!  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The city is supposed to be picking up the pitch-in bags . . . hopefully they don’t wait too long!!!