Nice Looking Commercial

Maybe its silly of me to say it but it really gets me that Bruce who is the head of tourism is married to Lonnie … I find it a conflict…

if his job is paying for ads she’s being paid to work on I would agree. But then it is quite common in PR

Lonnie’s stuff (video & photography) is great.

oh it’s nice but I still think it’s a conflict but like mentioned in Rupert its the norm…

There is nothing to suggest that what we are seeing is other than a work done on spec to show Lonnie’s talents… her work visually is very impressive.
If on the other hand it is potentially an advertisement that will be used to promote Prince Rupert: then serious, thoughtful criticism about marketing intent, copy, music, voice-overs etc. may be in order.
But as it stands Lonnie is one of a number of very talented visual artists in the Northwest and as such she should be respected…

Some form of this is on TV.

If that is indeed the case…Lonnie is still a very talented visual artist. I believe that it is too bad her work is undermined by poorly thought out copy, music and voicing…what could have been very impressive (based on the visuals) takes on the feel of a regular run of the mill chopping, slicing and dicing Kitchen appliance ad.
But if that was the intent of the marketing campaign - to suggest Prince Rupert has a kitchen appliance familiarity to it so come and visit - then by kudos to the creative team.
“And if you visit in the next twenty four hours we’ll include…”

Lonnie Wishart is an extremely gifted and respected photographer. If you go to her webpage:

you will see that she has done work for the following corporate clients: CN Rail, Mammomet, Wainwright Marine, Smit Marine, Mahre Terminals, Canadian Steamship Lines, Ridley Terminals, and I believe the Port of Prince Rupert. Over the years, I have frequently met Lonnie in the airports of Prince Rupert and in Vancouver. She is particularly well regarded by CN Rail which has flown her all over North America to do shoots - both still photography and video for them and their clients.

Frankly if she is good enough for these corporate clients, I believe that she is good enough for Tourism Prince Rupert and I suspect that whatever she was paid, it was done for less than she would ever charge her other corporate clients.

Moreover, her husband reported to a Board of Directors that was composed of both elected and City appointees. If this Board believed that hiring Lonnie was inappropriate and that they were not receiving good value for the money, they simply could have directed Bruce Wishart to no longer hire her.

Incidentally, most of the money that Tourism Prince Rupert receives is Hotel Tax funds. This is money collected by hoteliers in the form of a provincial tax on hotel rooms. It is not money paid by the taxpayers of Prince Rupert.

All in all, I believe that we are fortunate to have Lonnie Wishart living and working in Prince Rupert. Given the nature of her work, it would probably be a heck of a lot easier for her live in a larger metropolitan area with better air travel connections.

To the best of my knowledge, Bruce no longer works for Tourism Prince Rupert
Can anyone confirm this

He is GONE!!!