Newly painted buildings downtown

I absolutely LOVE the colours being painted on the buildings downtown! What a great idea and I hope a lot more businesses participate! Colour sure makes a big difference :smile:

the downtown core is looking alive again with the bold colours they have chosen to use… WOW… bold for sure, but the whole point is to bring back some life to the city right… :smile: good job to all the volunteers …
I would like to suggest a few more murals by our local artists. Murals are a big attraction for tourists…and us too.

The BFFs and I just took a tour through town and the newly painted buildings are looking GREAT!! Now we are noticing all the other businesses that could use a spruce-up - hope they get on board soon. Good job to Glen for coordinating this and to the painters for their muscle power.

The new colours look nice indeed:)

Post photos :smile:

How nice does it get… positive. BRAVO to the people painting the town. Where is the sign up sheet?

Mr Saunders from Cow Bay Gifts and Sharon down at Rona should be congratulated for they got it all started and organizing it all

Thanks… it really feels good to see some positive changes

I took pictures of some of the buildings…more to come!


Thanks… it really feels good to see some positive changes[/quote]

All these bright colors are amazing and thanks to all who are involved!

Its gonna look like Jelly Bean row in St John’s Nfld pretty quick! good on you people for brightening up town !

We love our new colors!!! So happy that our landlord agreed to letting them paint the building!!! The top half of our store will be done on a later date as the volunteers are waiting for some scaffolding to be donated and set up by a company in town!! Thank you to all those who came and painted our store!! It’s amazing how a little color can brighten up an area!! Can’t wait to see how many other places in town get painted!!!

I must say its about time they did somthing downtown, but the colors are horrible!!! did they get that stuff at a paint sale or what…Feels like im in a gay community or in Mexico with out the sun. Someones got really bad taste.

Was waiting for someone to complain…
I’m pretty sure that paint was donated. You gonna front some cash for better colors or what?

LOL@ stinkyfeet… FYI most towns have nice bright colours… Yes this gay man loves the colours and so does my Mexican friend who is straight… :smile: Heck even some redneck towns I have been to like nice bright colours… great job!! thanks to all involved !!

Did you supply the paint or contribute to the painting?..I doubt it, so your vote doesn’t count.
The buildings look great.
The effort of those involved is appreciated.

I thought it was a sloppy paint job - it must have been the first coat…

The next day the building looked brand new!!! :smile:

What colours would you suggest? Boring Vanilla? Pale Redneck Behind?

The first building I saw with a new paint job, I have to admit, my first reaction was “where did they get the paint?” But I think that was because it stood out so much compared to the drabness around it.

Seeing all the different colours on a whole bunch of different buildings, I am impressed by how good it all looks.

There’s several Quonset huts here, I always thought they should paint them to look like cans dropped in the mud. Pepsi can, Green Giant Beans, oilcan for the one behind the gas station. The mechanic bought the old gas station that was an ugly blocky looking thing. Told him to put six round turrets on the roof and paint it bright plasticky yellow like a giant Lego.
Could get sponsorhips from companies for the paint, do a whole town up as Korporateville. CornFlakes buildings on the tall ones, strip malls that look like candy bars, sawmill burner that looks like a dropped ice cream cone…