New Virus

Have yall heard of the new virus? Backdoor its is a Trojan Horse, similar to Netbus or Back Orifice, which enables unauthorized people to access your computer over the Internet without your knowledge. You talk to people on msn and they send you a website link that has your email and you look and save it then! yah get a virus

If you are stupid enough to download those you deserve to get a virus that Norton can’t fix… in your body!

i didnt download it but see im in grade 7 and alot of people dont know this so dont call us stupid just because not everyones a computer nerd like us!

You refer to ‘us’ firstly as you and the inferiors, then ‘us’ again as you and the nerds, which are you?

You realize that you’re picking on a kid that’s in grade seven

I’m asking a question? How is it picking on… seriously, I was wondering who ‘us’ was!

My dad can beat up your dad!

your dad can beat you up too!

Actually, I hope they are no hard feelings with them since my Dad left the CCG to go to Canadian Helicopters. Wasn’t his first choice, but had to get out of Rupert and there wasn’t a spot down here open. In about 2 weeks or so, he’s got his first job, 6 weeks in Thailand!

Nah I just think shes a scitso

Living with my grandparents these past weeks have strongly reinforced my intention to never work in the computer support industry.

I wonder if you would make it in my shoe’s then : O )

Service and support isn’t where I want to end up either. Engineering is where it’s at. Design and build the shit other people have to fix.

Build it idiot proof. So even the dumbest person with an engineering degree could use it. Just like eveything else.
The Jason & I can still earn a living teaching people how to ‘make windows fit on a 14" monitor’…
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Screw that make is stupid and retarded proof. maybe put like lcd’s all over the place for each port to like ethernet and modem line / phone or even better yet big bright led’s pointing to the keyboard port’s ect ect…maybe some software also. are you sure you put that dial up number in there are you sure that is the FULL email address like the instruction’s… are you sure you want to read this email. Did you put in your right password ect ect it goes on…

How about teach people not to be afraid to try things with their computers. I find most people call/ask me for help when they themselves already know the answer but are just too afraid to try.