New user accounts showing up on XP

I think we’ve all been there.  Multiple times!

One thing I’ve learned is that they have more time than I do.  So if I have evidence of someone being in one of my servers, I just consider it compromised and format it.  Much quicker to format a linux box  and reinstall – 15-20 minutes – rather than spend hours trying to find and weed out a rootkit.

shit i signed up again for webhosting  the first one didn’t work too well thats why i went back to hosting my sites, lol…I’m going to start from scratch…

live and learn
installed ubuntu on old laptop will start the task of learning linux…

The best place i recommend for money and GOOD value with good support is

I have had all my servers on there, and never any downtime. out of 4 years :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey astro, you do the format yet? If not, wanna have some fun? I was just thinking…while you most likely wont find the rootkit we CAN moniter yer box for a night and find the culprits ip (it will most likely also be another compromised box if he has any brains) and we can strart to work our way back to him. We then give him a taste of his own game, I have a “friend” who is pretty good at this type of thing if its something you would like to do, let me know.