New to town

Hey, I am a single guy in my twenties moving to Prince Rupert soon. I haven’t been there yet, so I was just wondering if there are a lot of single women in the area?

Yes, this topic often comes up on HTMF.  For example: … 162.0.html

Haha! I have no idea how that link helped me at all!!! But thanks anyways!

Welcome to HTMF, Hurricane05! :smile:

Just go to the Surf Club on a Saturday night and act like a dick and they’ll be hanging off of you!

LMAO!!! ok thats just awesome…“just act like a dick…”…LMAO…and rupert…well i used to live there…and i’d juss be careful who you end up with. girls may appear to be single…but they really arent…lol :laughing: and then you got boyfriend drama in your life that you dont need. lol. but good luck movin to rupert…i lived there for 18 years and got outta there finally…i wouldnt move back…lol…sure the port is there…but there is nothing for me there nemore…besides my mom and daddy. you may get sick of it there…you may not…but good luck :stuck_out_tongue: and take my advice…i remember the bar scenes in rupert…juss make good friends rite away and they’ll tell you ALLLL about it :laughing:

Bang on!