New Theme, etc

We have a new theme, I’m still working on it, so it may change a bit.  Let me know if things are wonky with it.

If you want, you can still use the old theme by changing it in your profile (it’s called 7dana).

I think I like it… :smiley:

SilentWave and Oxygen are the two themes that I’ve been happiest with on my SMF board.

I have Oxygen installed here, just not really customized.  What’s silentwave look like?

Looks good, MiG :sunglasses:

I get vertical scroll bars next to many but not all posts… it seems to be something like if a post includes a quote or the user has a signature, I get the scroll bar.

This is happening in FF3 Beta 5, but it works fine in Konquerer.

[attachments over a year old automatically deleted]

Another issue I had that is not related was when MiG had the chick that followed your mouse cursor Flash avatar, that I occasionally got severe browser lag when scrolling. However, I think that was more likely a graphics issue (Compiz Fusion and all that jazz).

The flash file was more than 1 meg!  So I expected it to slow people down a bit.

You asshole.

Now I gotta think up another annoying avatar.

Screw that, I’m putting in those talking smilie ads!  HEEEELLLLOOOO!!

Very stylish look Mig, nice and clean, bright and easy to navigate…

I’m jealous of your formatting skills… :smiley:

Not my skills at all, I’m no designer.  This is a theme that I just modified slightly.

From here:

I’m gonna have to do some more hacking to get the google ads to work right, and maybe redo the top part to include the HTMF logo.

Hehe, you should get one of our former members to design a theme.

I think you know who I’m talking about MiG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, he was supposed to make the new theme, but I don’t think he ever actually got around to doing it.

Looks good bud.

Hmmm, sounds like some inside baseball happening here…  :wink:

so the nautical man is a former participant again?

He deleted awhile ago…

MiG: Can you make the logo image and text at the top of the page a clickable hyperlink back to the front page?

I was going to suggest the same thing. I use that a lot.

I’m gonna redo the top altogether tonight, I think.  I’ll make it link home too.