New Sub deli in town

Located where papa jazzi was, they have pool tables and vietnamese Subs.  Anyone go there yet?

Goddam we need to rebuild the Navy. Now there’s Vietnamese subs in Prince Rupert!

Are they nuclear subs? So spicy you have to lift the lid and sit right in the water the next day?

Billy, you need to get out more. =.=’

Ahh, the burning ring of fire.

I have been there a number of times at least five now and will return, the subs are not expensive and they have hot ones"GOOD". Five tables but I believe only one or two with pockets, the other ones is a strange game which they play. Comfortable well for a silent guy like me it is comfortable.

A pool table without pockets?  Sounds more like carom billiards to me.

Well since you mention it and so I looked it up , well there it was . I felt that I was standing right next to it but yeah they have those tables.

 hahahahahahahaha…shit thats funny…