New store is.....!

Salty Crab, spoke to the contractor today so that solves that one… :smiley: Up where Northern Reflections used to be…

well that should be good :smiley:
i wonder how long it will stay  :unamused:

probably wouldnt buy anything there touristy shops arent my thing

How many tourists go into the mall anyways? :neutral_face:

Lots actually… and most of them want to know where they can get Prince Rupert knicknacks, and touristy items… so I think that’ll be a great move!

I hate Canada stuff… its not that like I’d go to the US and get a shirt thats Red White and Blue saying U.S.A!! then why should they? i guess its a common interest to say " Hay Mardi guess what, i went to canada and there werent any igloos, and ive got myself a shirt that says so!" and i went to the mall everyday in the summer, not really to hang out but to buy extremely cheap food in bulk at extra foods when im hungry… but never and tourists. i could see this turning out badly like all of the other stores that last 2 weeks.

My Canada hoody which simply has a Maple Leaf, and says ‘Eh?’ inside it, is the best hoody ever… and accompanies me on every snowboarding trip… Its awesome!

But Im a tourist, Im allowed to like that stuff!!!

I like the cheap trinkety stuff you can buy on holidays. Lets you bring a piece of it back. Playing cards and bottle openers are good examples.

Plus for some people its a tradition to buy knickknacks for everyone back at home.

My family has a rule that any time you go on vacation somewhere, you have to bring back a fridge magnet and a Christmas tree ornament.

Good tradition!! I like the ornament idea!