New store across from Subway?

Does anyone know what is going on across from Subway…looks like a new store of some sort is opening up. They have been moving boxes and stuff in there.

This is the old “Bucky Tuckers” building.

So I guess no one knows?

I hear its an escort service/massage parlour. They intend to service all of the construction workers coming to build the port.

Hey great idea and long over due in this town…

Are you sure its not a Costco?


Uncle Willy’s Bong & Dildo World.

A very successful franchise indeed.

O GOODDDYYYY!!! I won’t have to drive to Terrace to buy dildos now.

The Smoke Shop. Or so the sign in the window says. There’s a Help Wanted sign in the window, too. I believe this is the new store opening tommorow