New server

I run an AMD X2 6000+ but I only do 2D print graphics, so 256MB x1200 is more than adequate for me. XP64 on it, runs great.
A friend just put together a quad-core Intel with twin 640MB 8800 videos cards, dropped over $1200 on the CPU. Then he put 32bit XP on it for game compatibility.

I spent around $300 on my upgrade, he spent over $4000 at ncix
My parts are on the shelf. His took 5 weeks to trickle in…

I also have a 4-CPU Xeon 700 server sitting in a store-room that cost the original owner over $10K. It’s a fucking slug compared to $200 AMD Sempron 3000 server.

AMD rulez.

I’m actually thinking about replacing the HTMF server soon… on the cheap.  Any suggestions?

build two with AthlonX2 4200s, foxconn mobos, RAID’d SATA drives, Gutsy64. One clones to the other nightly.
I only say 2 because the first time I did RAID, I had a Samsung drive fail and viola, 16 mos later I couldn’t buy a drive that small anymore to replace it. Plus for some reason the boot was only on one drive (that failed) so it was easier to build a new one from scratch.
Also had 2 of them, each served half the mail domains, each backed up to each other nightly, so I only needed to enable the lost domains on the other with phpmyadmin.
Worked like a charm, but of course the next thing I did was to abandon that config for some forgotten reason…

use Mac Osx Server :smile:

What are you clippy?  I ask because like clippy you are also always providing useless suggestions.

How is that usless ? Your useless.

The suggestion of replacing a free “LAMP” server with an expensive OSX server running “?AMP”  for a home, non critical service is useless and ridiculous.  One could go through your posting history and find many more useless suggestions. So again, I ask. Are you in any way related to clippy?

For those that don’t know… this is clippy:

I think many of us would choose option 3.

It happens to all computer techs after a while:

The customer says:

The tech hears:

Selective hearing. Like how the Telus guys had an old fart searching for new bluetooth drivers and doing system restores before they told him to check that the modem was plugged in…
or how the wife says ‘no fucking Grey Cup we’re visiting my mom’ and you hear ‘invite your buds for the Grey Cup, I’ll make the nachos’

No, i was stating mig probably has a older mac laying around, and i know he can get OSX server so why not use it.

I’m runing 10.4 server on a G4 400 and it runs fine. Not a mail server or any thing, but its running http and AFp and other things.

Well, considering the current server is a 2ghz Intel box, I doubt I’m going to downgrade to an old machine.  Maybe I’ll just some more RAM for it.

Are you bored ? Is that why you are creating something to do ?

No, the server’s doing a bunch of other stuff too, and it’s slowing down at times. 

Oh, ok well you didn’t mention that.

Humm, what is the full specs of it ?

Maybe build a new box ? a nice amd dual core would be faster, some new drives Raided?


Herbie, what are the specs on your servers?  Lots of RAM?  How much?  Want to sell me one?  I would retire my current server and just make it a workstation (since that’s what it really should be).

I think I just want to be able to run a light linux (Xubuntu) and then run the rest of my servers in VMware.

I will send some ideas tomorrow.