New Seafood & Steakhouse opening in May

Looks like the old PIZZA HUT building has been sold and will be converted into a new seafood/steakhouse.

Galaxy Gardens owners bought the building and confirmed their plans in the paper.

No other details were given outside of the location and what type of food the restaurant will be serving.

I’m looking forward to this new steakhouse! Heard this news a couple of months ago and think it will be a nice place, great location too! Would be nice if they can trim the trees at the back of the property, great views! Now, as long as they have a tighter rein on customers yelling kids than Pizza Hut did, that will be nice also! Screaming, running, out of control kids and a nice steak dinner? Kind of takes something away from the experience !

I’ll offer the owners a suggestion: Don’t have your manager and/or employee’s constantly smoking at the front door. That was one reason (of many) that I wouldn’t go anywhere near that place when it was Pizza Hut.


I worked there for a short stint, employees weren’t supposed to smoke out the front. There is a back door that was used for a smoking area.

Funny how often with failing businesses there is quite a difference between what’s supposed to happen and what actually IS happening.

Coming this May there will also be a new micro brewery set up in Cow Bay, Wheelhouse Brewery. … story.html

They are on Facebook too. Check it out.

It’s a totally different owner and type of restaurant - why would there be any kind of carryover??


It’s a totally different owner and type of restaurant - why would there be any kind of carryover??[/quote]

Exactly! And if their other restaurant is any indication how this one will be run - there should be no problems.

it will be nice to have somewhere else to go , besides the crest or breakers .

^^ Your selling yourself short if those are the only two acceptable places for you.

Rupert has some of the best independent restaurants in Northern BC.