New scrapbook store

I just wanted to let all of you know that I have opened a new business in Prince Rupert called Lasting Memories Scrapbooking. We sell scrapbook supplies and also have classes and crop nights for all levels of “scrappers”. We have a crop night scheduled for May 3 and a beginners class on May 9. We will also have a booth set up at the trade show the first weekend in May (2-4). Check out our website at
Do any of you do any “scrapping”? I would love to hear ideas or suggestions of what you would be interested in seeing at our store, if you would let me know.

Great idea and you deserve props for opening a biz here! Only advice is remember be aware of your potential/steady customer base! Example  is do not run the carnival booth that makes family pics behind bars…still in shock

Welcome to HTMF, newintown! :smiley:  Good luck with your business! :sunglasses:

Yeah, I saw that too, but did you see the line up of people waiting to get the pictures taken…
They seemed to be making a bit of money.

Wow. Who knew getting your picture taken in jail was so popular. I’ve been missing out on a golden opportunity all these years!

I’m sure it gives a lot of the kids the opportunity to see what their grown-up life will be like.

Sounds like you’re speaking from experience?  Have you been arrested or imprisoned recently?

Any new businesses that are willing to open doors here are plenty welcome. You should put up some pictures of products, your store front etc. :smile:

Both actually…

Welcome to Rupert, newintown!  I’m a hardcore scrapper, so I can’t wait to come and check out your business!  I hope it does well for you.  :smile:

Thanks, I hope you like it.