New Salmon Lodge

Well, it’s official. Great Pacific Salmon Lodge will be open for buisness starting June 1 of this year.
We here are very exicited to become part of this great community.
Please if you see me around town, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself, or if you happen to be in Dodge cove, stop by for a coffee.

We have already made some great conections with some very quality people from Prince Rupert, I expect nothing but more of the same.
Here is a Link to our new (but temporary) website. The official one will be up and running in a few weeks.

Take care and thanks for welcoming us to your fantastic town.
Jamie Hunt
Great Pacific Salmon Lodge

Nice website… good luck… p.s. the view from dodge is awesome

Thanks for the nice comments.

As a heads up, we are also on face book under
Great Pacific Salmon Lodge


Hey all. The new and final web site is up and running.
Go take a look. Also we are on Facebook. You can go through our website or look up Great Pacific salmon Lodge