"New" Playground

I am wondering how this is suddenly news:


I believe that playground has been in since the beginning of the school year. Slow news week? Or did the Port need a pat on the back? Maybe I missed something.

Bored much

It’s a good news story. Please don’t try to turn it into “the port needed a pat on the back”. Why must we turn positives into negatives?

Just for clarification: this isn’t the positive announcement about Fairview that bthedog predicted in January….is it?

Nobody said it wasn’t good news…just wondered how something 5 months old is news.


It’s self promotion. The photo appears to have been contributed by the port authority. Some may say that it’s them patting themselves on the back but I see it differently. Showing where theyve contributed funds allows other groups to know there is this financing option.

I know this is something that is quite challenging for you, but please don’t get it twisted…

[quote]According to Don Krusel, CEO for the PRPA…Prince Rupert should expect a very positive announcement coming very soon in regards to long awaited Phase 2 expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal.

thenorthernview.com/eedition … 1070054596[/quote]

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This is Michael G. from the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

We usually wade into these discussions only if facts need correction or clarification.

But in this case we’d like to contribute more information about the photo and caption that appeared in the February 4th issue of the Northern View.

The story was the result of a news release broadcast jointly by the Roosevelt Parent Advisory Council and School District 52. Its purpose was to celebrate the new playground equipment at Roosevelt Park Community School, now that it has proved its worth to the grade school gymnasts who use it. The news release is online:

rupertport.com/news/releases … investment

Beyond the Port Authority’s promotion of donations made through its Community Investment Fund, we know it’s just as important to tell the stories of the beneficiaries themselves. These community organizations spend months (or years) planning and fundraising – usually through the hard work of volunteers. Rather than trumpet a monetary contribution, this news release was intended to recognize the leadership of students and parents who designed the play structures, which led to the Port Authority’s partnership in the venture.

We admire the vision of those who made the Roosevelt project possible. We’ll continue to use our resources to raise the profile of this and our other collaborative community initiatives, particularly if they are not getting the attention they deserve.


Thanks Mike!