New Oven?

Hi everyone,

We are looking to buy a new oven and are looking at a number of options.  Rather than just do the guy thing and buy the one with all the bels and wistles I was told we are going to do “market research” what ever that is :wink: Just buy the one with everything that cost the most, right???

But seriously,  has anyone bought a new stove or have a newer stove they have an opinion about. 

We are looking at getting one with a flat top cooking range and possibly the dual oven.  We are looking at electric models.  What are your pros and or cons for these options.

go to the stores and ask if they ever get ones that are dented that they can sell you cheaper. i know sears did that for a friend

Check out Consumer to start your market research.  The August 2008 issue has a big write-up and Canadian prices…

Flat top (Ceran) are nice to cook with but are a PAIN IN THE A$$ to clean.  Hidden bake element are nice…easier to clean the oven.  Convection oven cuts the baking time thus saving energy.

Two words…



How much do you cook?

We looked at new stoves last year and they range from cheap to OMG $$$.

Our price range was 1800-2300. We finally settled on an LG flat top with convection oven and the bottom drawer doubles as a warming drawer or storing extra pans etc.

As a stove its ok. Controls are all on the back, but they are all touch controls, no knobs, which makes cleaning really easy. What I really like is the oven. Convection ovens are very nice. Last weekend I cooked a lamb shoulder and two loaves of portuegese bread at the same time. The oven is quite large as well compared to a Kitchen Aid one we looked at, and a few others.

I’m not overly keen on the flat top stoves cleaning wise they are a pain in the ass. Warming drawer we have used maybe 2 or 3 times.

This is what we have: … 622.jhtml#

Dual oven we looked at one of those and thought that it would not be very practical for our use. If you can go a little bit higher end and get the convection for sure. I dont think any of the higher end electric stoves use the coil, they are all pretty much flat tops.

Hope that helps.

I’d go for a gas oven. At least when you see the finance charges you can put it to use and stick your head inside… :smiley:
Actually, it depends. Seen a few of those flat-tops that were indelibly marked by the elements overheating so ask around.
Convection is great, I use it all the time… except I find frozen pizzas come out like soup on soggy bread.
There’s also those cool-touch models but you need special pots and pans. Our warming pan never gets used…