New neighbor in the hood

I think our neighborhood has a new resident. He sits in the trees and says  HOO HOOOO HOO all day. I’ve been told that it’s an owl, but I thought all owls were nocturnal. Apparently some aren’t. He sounds totally fake though. Not like any of the owl calls I’ve listened to online. Like someone’s put out one of those owl decoys to keep other birds away or something.

Imposter owl maybe? I don’t know. Anyone else hear Hoo hoooo hoo once and a while?

Only if I’ve consumed way tooooooo much coffee  :smiley:  Seriously though, even though they are nocturnal, we used to have one that vegged out in a tree back home and every once in awhile, he would hoot, just to let us know he was home !

I live in the Seal Cove area and I’ve heard the hoo-hoo-hoo early in the morning. I was wondering what it was. Is there an ornithologist in the house who can illuminate us? :smile:

theres a couple owls at the wildlife center right now

I would say that for most of my life I have heard this sound but I thought is was just in my head from a bad night years ago.

We’re on the same side of town as the wildlife center, but nowhere near it. And the owl hoots from in the trees around our house.

Adelita, where in the seal cove area are you? I wonder if it could be the same owl.

I had this very same conversation while talking with a friend last night at the top of Big 6 at Ambrose…that hooting sound seemed very close and perhaps was being made by two of whatever it is.
It certainly wasn’t anywhere near dark, though; 6-ish maybe.

It may have been a crow or raven imitating an owl

Somebody missed a chance here, the headline of the forum should have been “New neighbours in the hoot!” :astonished:

I did ask an ‘hornythologist’ friend of mine, he told me that this sound is very familiar at closing time downtown around the Belmont.  Apparently, it’s a very popular mating call.  Knowing him … I’ll take his word for it.   :smiley:

I’ve been hearing it in the early morning in the last block of 6th Ave East… Too far away from the Belmont, and too early/late for it to be a drunken mating call, in spite of what your learned friends tell you.  :wink:

Thanks there people , now I know why I always have that sound in my old head , now I will be at ease with knowing this.

Could very well be an owl.  I’ve seen them out in the daytime hanging around in trees. 

It sounds totally fake though. That’s what get’s me.

Hoo hoooo hoo, is pretty much it. In mono tone too.

It’s weird.

Last year we heard that sound in a tree on Mt. Hays. It was a grouse. ( or a large ptarmigan).

Please listen to the sound of this bird (Dove) and tell me if it sounds like that.
Click on the “listen” button

Try searching “you tube”…Blue Grouse sound or call. I wish i could post a link.

:imp:  :unamused:
I just went to the page with the bird sounds. Turned on a few just to listen, AND My  4 Cats Came RUNNING!!! HAHAHAHAHA  :smiley:  that was a good laugh

  How great is that?  What a great way to frustrate my cat  :sunglasses:  She is sitting here in front of the monitor waiting for the birds to take flight and I guess she is hoping for dessert  :smiley:

Nope, it’s none of those.

He must have been somewhere else today, because I haven’t heard him all day.

It has to be an owl. But this owl really sounds like a fake owl.