New Monitor

I want to get a new monitor, but im not sure weather to get a 4:3 or a widescreen?

How do games look on a widescreen monitor?

I hate how widescreen streches the image.

I thinkin about gettin this one … cture=BENQ

I have a 17 inch right now

I have this one on hand… brand new … cture=Acer

similar to the one you’re looking at, and I can sell it for $370… less than what you’d pay after shipping.

To answer the question on the looks in games… I like widescreen better.  It has custom resolutions, that make it so it doesnt stretch you picture, but makes you view broader… panoramic style.

Acer AL2016W. Silver. 1680x1050. 600:1. 8ms.

$349.99, regular price. No shipping.

Shop local.

I was going to buy a 20" but have decided to save up and go for a 23"  Most of these monitors you guys have just posted are all vga  YUK! HUGE HUGE difference between vga & dvi. Well worth the money to spend it on a dvi monitor.

The Benq has DVI

Read some reviews. I’m pretty sure most LCDs this day and age are pretty awesome though. I have the same Samsung 173T that I bought I guess 3 years ago now. My mother got a Benq  last year and it’s pretty nice too. Try to find a review on the one you’re looking at though, it might push you to a similar model or something. I havn’t played games on a widescreen myself… I’ve heard you see MORE, but the tops are probably just cut off… Maybe newer games are 16:9 compliant, I dunno.

8ms is half what mine is though, so games should look awesome in that sence.

Just snooping around… It sounds like the BENQ is an excellent gaming monitor, but suffers a little in color accuracy and contrast fades towards the corners… something that is common with most of these larger LCDs.

I would look into the LG if it were me buying the display.

LG 203WT


It’s got a 1400:1 contrast ratio and the “Industry’s FIRST Picture-Quality Enhancement Chip”. Might be interesting to read some reviews, but i can’t find any. This thing is a new model. I don’t know what the X in the model number signifies. Although the LGE site doesn’t specify, some forums indicate that this display is HDCP compliant, which the BENQ is NOT.