New Malaysian Restaurant

Has anyone checked out the new WAU Cafe on 3rd Avenue that opening a couple weeks back? Looks like they did some nice renovations to the former Fairview Restaurant.

Anyone try this place out yet?

[quote=“bthedog”]Has anyone checked out the new WAU Cafe on 3rd Avenue that opening a couple weeks back? Looks like they did some nice renovations to the former Fairview Restaurant.

Anyone try this place out yet?[/quote]

I haven’t tried it yet, but, someone said to me the food was good. I’ll have to try it out at some point. Will let you know when I go there.

Good authentic Malaysian food. Pretty close to what you would get in Malaysia.

Nice! Don’t even get Malaysian in Prince George yet.
After 2 weeks in southern BC we came home and resumed our usual ‘Friday go out for dinner’ routine. Every bit as disgusting as we remembered but we had to build our immunities back up…
on a positive note, if the power was out here up north and the deliveries didn’t come the owner’s got enough brains to walk over the Overwaitea and buy a jug of Creamo for his customers (take note MONTANA’S)…

We dined at the Malaysian Restaurant last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the food. The decor is tastefully done. First rate.

I need to go back again.

Indeed. We will also go back.

I haven’t eaten there myself, but I’ve had multiple people I know tell me that the food (in their opinion) is hit and miss. One time you go and the food is great, the next time it’s really bad. Hopefully if that’s true they work the bugs out and can be consistant.

Yes. I’ve also heard the same reviews; I was initially very hesitant to give the place a try. My first experience was very positive so we will go back.

They’ve been very consistent to me since day one.

This is my forth visit so far.

Had a great Malaysian dinner in Abbotsford the end of Sept. Loved their version of Hot & Sour Soup, and picked up the tab. Dinner for 4 was only $70.
Had to make another trip down for a funeral last weekend and took my sister’s family to Vietnamese.

Now I’m back in Thwart St. James, the old lady wanted pizza last night, she worked until 8. Both places are closed Sunday, one was closed Monday and as I drove up to the other at 7 pm, the lights in the place shut off… soooo lame. You guys are lucky to live in a ‘real’ town with choices of where to eat. After 8:30 here, you better like Subway or gas station beef jerky.

Very true, herbie! We have an excellent selection of restaurants here at the end of the line.

Had awesome meal. Heard stories about long waits at lunchtimes but the evening service was quick and the food was great.

Well we HAD a nice place to eat in the Fort when they remodeled the old Zoo hotel and opened as The View. The first restaurant manager got an offer in Calgary and we decided to try it and the ‘new’ menu out.
Unfortunately there was a pow-wow going on in the kitchen, the manager must have been off-shift as he was sitting there drinking, oblivious and watching the baseball game.
Saw them throwing knives at the bin in the kitchen over and over, the server asked them to keep it down twice and was told to fuck off.
They actually started a how-wa-wa-wa chant in there and after 20 mins the appy hadn’t arrived.
So we walked.
Feel sorry for the server who started a fresh pot of coffee and missed at least a $10 tip.
And the menu was entirely new. It was white on black instead of black on white with fewer items for much hgher prices.
Avoid. I’ll post again when the kitchen staff is even capable of holding down a job at Wendy’s.

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So this is called recovery - the manager heard, hunted us down an apologized in person. The staff were disciplined and we were given a $50 gift certificate to visit again and report if there were any problems whatsoever.
Pretty good effort to make it known customers matter.

Indeed! The manager has encouraged you to be a loyal return customer. Smart! :slight_smile:

haha! I didn’t see this thread until today :slight_smile:

If this were in Brooklyn or Seattle or something, you could actually have this as a theme restaurant. People would pay to have that experience.