New gym need's a roof

what do you guys think?

Ha ha ha…

Well… yeah, maybe in Rupert it needs a roof.  There’s a huge one in Nanaimo (Altrusa Park) it seems to be used on good days.

If its for the civic center, then go see Jacko and see if he can put in on that one. I mean how much did those concrete stairs cost across McBride which are across the street from the civic? What the hell was the purpose for them anyway, they still have plastic sheet on them. What about that silly looking umbrella down by Cow Bay heading to Charlie Currie road, now there is another useless eye sore. What they won’t waste money on and now they need something important as the Gym roof.

As stated before elsewhere in this forum…those stairs to nowhere aren’t a City project!

Oh so that is why they go nowhere.

they go the sign and ive been told there is some sort of memorial wall or something up there. its a rotary project.

They’re a Stairway to Heaven as the kids go behind there to make out… :wink: The umbrella though in Cow Bay, now there’s a classic… :unamused:

Who paid for the umbrellas in Cow Bay?  Check the plaque next time you’re by there. 

Gee it would have been nice to see that nice trail down at Rushbrook finish this past summer with all the nice weather, put all those lovely umbrellas along the way. Then the kids who drink there could learn how to stand up at a bar.

hahahahaha… that was funny justin case…hahahhahahhah

They were thinking if we build them they will come. I don’t know where they think they were going, but what ever their plans were, they don’t seem to be going there. Prince Rupert, the City of Stairs with no Conceivable Purpose. Yes, that sounds about right. This is the funniest Prince Rupert phenomenon yet. I got idea!! Let us build stairs!! Another Kaien Island enigma to be pondered.

The plastic only adds another aesthetic dimension to the ridicule. Maybe it is a last ditch attempt to attract attention. I can’t think of anything else, so I’m going to build some stairs. That is what I’m going to do and I don’t care what you think about it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

The stairs to no where actually do go to the flags.  The Rotary clubs built the stairs with their money, and they are the ones who ensure that the flags stay fresh.  They have to be replaced frequently.  The stairs will help that, but I wondered if there was an Olympic Torch relay involvement? 

today I stopped in front of the Civic Centre and looked over the new outdoor gym equipment, and it looks like it might last awhile. The only problem I saw in the 10 mins. of observation was, any adult who seriously is thinking of working out down there, will have to fend off the kids who are going to use it for a kiddy park.

Ya I noticed that after the Hockey Game on Sunday afternoon.  I saw one lady “trying” to work out and every other piece of equipment was being used as a new playground with kids ranging from 3-12yrs.  I took a walk through of the new gym and actually asked the lady who was using it if this was common.  She said she has tired to make it a daily routine to come work out but sometimes just gives up due to the amount of children and the thing is the parents are bringing the kids there to play.  I was shocked by how many parents were standing on the sidelines chit chatting while there kids ran around and played.  I am hoping that someone does something about this soon as it is getting quite ridiculous.  Maybe the city should invest in an actual playground it that area instead of allowing the children ruin the new gym.

How is a kid going to ‘ruin’ the gym or whatever it is?
Anyway, you might as well let the kid use it if there is only one adult making use of it. The more adults there are there the fewer kids will be there.

does it say its an adults only area? as long as its being used i think it is serving its was just put in dont you think kids are just as curious as the adults to see the new things at the civic centre. just be happy its there and being used instead of those kids playing video games.

Good point.  And right now it’s just a novelty.

Btw, above I had said something about Nanaimo having a park like this… well the one I was thinking of is nothing like this one.

OK, I’m just asking so please don’t get on my case but WHY do we have an outdoor gym with the weather we have in Rupert?  Who thought of this idea?  The Rec. Center director?  I haven’t seen it yet so not passing any judgement on the equipment but my fella said he saw it and thought it was a kiddie playground. What do they have there anyway?

its good for all weather they say and if the kids use it for a play ground so be it. i always thought we needed one there . been too many times i take one kid there for a program and try to figure out what to do with my other kids or wander the halls for an hour while waiting for his program to be done… the equipment it looks like to me uses your bodys power to exercise like bowflex etc.

you know,they should have something for the kids, they really should, but if that is suppose to be an out door work out area, do you REALLY think that they would have insurance for when a kid fall’s off and breaks a leg cause the parents arent watching or arent’ their, and cause the equipment is wet!!! what will happen, oh people wont sue, Ya, they probly could and or would, it is just a liability for the kids I personaly think. As well, for kids some of that equipment is fairly high.:frowning: I’m hoping things work out for this project, but it should be interesting to see what happens in the Very near future