New Firefox is pretty good


The new Firefox is pretty good. Nice and fast, and uses less RAM than Chrome.


Click the three dots take a screenshot.
Click the three line stack, Customize. Themes are at the bottom, I prefer the lighter theme. Drag an icon you use lots up to the menu.
Noticed the download was under 20MB, the last one I remember was almost 55.

Go to a site like GasBuddy with so damn many scripts and flash ads you needed 2 or 3 blockers just to use it, All those add-ons got disabled, the site loads superfast and clean without them.
Very impressed. Never did like Chrome much.


Nice. Haven’t tried it much on the Windows laptop yet. Waiting for it to show up in my Linux repo.


My Windows and Mac computers all updated to the new version, not yet on Linux. But I tend to use LTS versions of Ubuntu, so not sure if it will eventually show up or have to install manually.

I’m really impressed. Even the font rendering seems nicer.


Fire fox 57 arrived in my Linux repo a few days ago and I am impressed. Clean looking, and noticeably faster.
I dropped Chrome after Fire fox 52 was able to run Netflix.


Updated NoScript 10.1.2 now available @