New Economic Development Officer

Wow! What did Little Orphans Rupert and Eddy offer to get such an experienced person as Nellie Cheng to take this position? Her past management positions are impressive. I just hope the ‘Rupert Curse’ doesn’t bite her.

What is the ‘Rupert Curse’? Being let go or marginalized for trying to introduce some new ideas to the local power elite, perhaps? 

By the Rupert curse, I refer to all the development promises and failures since they  towed the dry dock away!
I once heard a very ‘in the know’ person describe Rupert as ‘a next year’ town’
Look around. Lack of jobs, crime, empty stores, thousands of people without a family doctor.
Oh well, next year…

Yes, that can wear down podunkian morale, for sure, erode confidence, and so on. 

Perhaps you can give the “Hall” some credit for finding someone useful?

No, that won’t be necessary. Jacko has plenty of opportunity during the regular in camera meetings to tell the council how great they’re doing. 

I can tell you from first hand experience that there are a number of reasons why Nellie is no longer with Vancouver Ec Dev and the other organizations identified. I think someone at City Hall should have done a better job of checking into her past work history, and maybe have spoken to her former employers and colleagues. Prince Rupert has inherited someone else’s problem.

Heres a link to an article printed in June about Nellie Cheng acquiring the position of the new economic development officer to head up the Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Commission. I wonder what her educational background is? … ition.html

At the time it did seem like Sidney Crosby signing with the Rampage!
I don’t get the PRDN regularly, and I haven’t heard her name mentioned at all since June. Is there a site where one can get details of the work that she has done here?
If this rumor has any substance it seems like ‘The Rupert Curse’ is still alive and active!

Yeah it has been a rather low profile kind of office of late…

I checked the ole archives of Podunk and found only three mentions of the news from the position in the news (at least the news that I stumbled across) since July…

May be hearing more shortly I guess, last we heard the office was working out the details on an upcoming trip with the port to China/Asia for a number of our local officials…  :astonished: … 8633007719 … 2126287599 … 9735819942

All I can say is that what I posted is not rumour or conjecture. Unfortunately, if I post anymore details about her employment history I could be putting several people in a compromising position and I would rather not do that.

Then why bring it up in the first place?

Well not trying to be judgemental or anything, but actually, by not providing details or examples of any examples of concern and such, well that pretty well constitutes rumour and conjecture.

It will be interesting to see if your concerns result in any further comments or examples, or if others come forward with their own interpretations of past events, that might lend assistance to your introduction of the topic.

This kind of shit has happened before in this town or circus we live in, the Kumar guy is one that sticks out for many of us in the community. We seem to always have these people recommended by some person in city hall or council. I guess it could be the old saying it all in who you know. Well it does not really go that way and I am sure some of you know that saying but I am trying so hard to change my ways, its so hard to do.  :-(

I think that Curious Bystander is offering nothing more than a rumour - a pretty vicious one at that - that in the absence of the further evidence that ThePodunkian alludes to should not be given any weight by the podunkian citizenry.

Without more there is no defence against comments that seem to be intended to defame, or way of forming a meaningful view of the matter.

Gratuitous comments about not being able to say more I think turns this into a bit of a drive by. If that approach in any way reflects the business culture or ethics of a former workplace, little wonder that she no longer works there.

Checking references is always advisable, but the City should not have spoken to others, at least not without consent, because there are laws against that.

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