New Digital Camera

I was shopping around for a new Canon 20D, always seem to be a couple hundred dollars lower then the competition. Have any of you ever had any dealing with them? Also are there any other places were you HTMFers suggest looking at.

Ok by using BestChoiceDigital, the Canon S-500, would be $279US = $345.23 Canadian plus tax, plus shipping, plus duties at the border, multiplied by 2-3 weeks waiting time = Better off bringing in a price quote and purchasing at ShutterShack.

Yeah, you’d still have to pay GST + PST if you ordered it from the states, plus brokerage fee. Duty as well maybe.


But if you’re in Rupert, just drop into shuttershack with the printout of the price from henrys.

The prices at Henry’s are the same as ShutterShack’s on the 2 models I’m interested in.

This is the camera i want. … 450&type=1

Or this one. … 2090n32091

Those are nice, but Canon’s are pretty. :smiley:

I have a A60 with a hi speed 128-mb card and love it. : O ) but i want more res and better quality over a 2 mp cam.