New city website

The city has finally unveiled the new city website…

And you know it looks pretty good, congrats to the designer and those who maintain it…

Lots of links, pics and seems to have everything you would want to know about the place. They even promise foreign languages and interactive sections for bill paying (surpise, surprise there eh!  :imp:)  and such, quite forward thinking eh!

It Should be quite a bit of use to the locals and those looking for info about the place.

Anyways, don’t often say good job to the city, but this time they seem to have done things up right.
Hope they keep it up to date more than the old one!

Agreed.  That is a nice site. :smiley:

Surely they can come up with an easier URL than

for example, would be an easy to remember URL that could redirect to that site. 

I would think and hope it’s just for preview til they get the bumps worked out

Ha!  No kidding, hence the “sitepreview” in the URL.  I’m a loser.

They could always purchase the domain from Larry Golden, but then again, considering the grief he’s been giving them lately, they’d more likely just expropriate the site.

I wonder if a city could do that eh, I mean they can expropriate actual landscape, why not take over stuff on the internet as well???


A couple posters in the Fort pointed out . All the municipalities in Bulkely-Nechako were falling over themselves to move thier sites off existing hosting providers and switch.
Committees from tourism groups, CFDC, etc. all got their heads together and came up with the bright idea of a central site.
The poster’s comment was was hosted on a Texas server and designed by a Vancouver firm. All the local ISPs and web designers in Bulkley-Nechako got shafted out of work.
The poster suggested a new motto: “Invest in Northern BC, we won’t.”

A page from the George W. Bush play book, outsourcing at its finest. :imp:
Sorry to hear the local web designers, ISPs got overlooked.

Off and On… is up and running the site above.

Very nice. I see, too, that the link works.

Not to rain on the new site’s parade, but I wish they’d skip using tables for layout (it’s what CSS is for) and of all things, specify a doctype! lol…

Another potential ‘beef’ some may observe is the lack of accessibility: Their top nav is Flash and as such, tabbed browsing is out the window. Shame, too. Others won’t notice or care, a bit. I guess it’s smarter to design without Flash in mind, then add a flash version ‘atop’ the regular text/CSS version, akin to the principles of:

But this could simply be because it’s not done, yet?.. Although specifying a doctype is one of the first things developers usually do. shrugs

From an aesthetics and visual point of view, it’s leaps and major bounds from the old site, for sure. :smile:

Well done all around, though.

*Edited to add that I’ve been peeking some more around that site and I hope things like:

Will be fixed, soon? …lol… Pet peeve, I guess. (If you wondered what I meant, they stated “Our beautiful pictures would be released shortly.”, when they probably meant “Our beautiful pictures will be released shortly.”)

Actually, it seems only works.  They need to add the line or two to their config so that they don’t need “www”.  That’s always a pet peeve of mine, the whole “www” thing is sooo 12 years ago :wink:

It’s a nice change for the site, let’s hope it’s easy to maintain.  I agree it looks great!  But perhaps the tourism site and the city site should have different purposes and design goals?

I don’t like the use of Flash for navigation at all – no tabbed browsing, no screen readers, etc.  If it were in the US or UK, it would be illegal for a government site to be non accessible.

Web designers (heh, including me!) often want their clients to depend on them for changes, rather than making their designs easy to maintain.  Meanwhile, those of us who maintain sites for work do the opposite – we design sites that are super-easy to change around.  Maybe we’re seeing some of the former here. 

edit:  Here’s a thread where we sorta talked about the “www” thing before: … 085.0.html

That’s my biggest reason to not use Flash as a navigation means. Eek! Of course the Flash debate is long (and largely boring).

Wish that were the same, here.

I agree on the “www” thing, however, it is certainly iconic. I mean: It’s like the McDonalds “M”, it’s sort of a signature visual we’ve all grown accustomed to, online. I hate typing it, but the group of the three: “www”, does, at least to me, look kinda cool. heh.

Not only this much nicer new site, but the Wikipedia article on Rinse Rupert is a titan compared to what it was several months ago.