New cel provider in Canada

Not sure that they’ll locate here, (kind of doubt it at the moment) but the arrival of globalive on the nation scene might provide for some price wars among the big players.

That could see Rogers end up reducing their pricing structure, which would have to be matched by, Telus, Bell and even our own lil’ CityWest.

Be interesting to see what we’re paying for cel phone service once the new kids on the block are up and running. … le1396853/

If the government was serious about competition in the wireless sector, they’d follow the lead of some European nations.  For example, in some countries it’s illegal to lock a phone to a carrier, or to require a service contract to buy a phone.  Those kinds of things lock people into a provider and reduce competition. 

France is the prefect example, and why they were the first country to offer an unlocked iPhone. Orange had the exclusive ‘airtime’ contract, but they also had to sell it unlocked. I know a few people who, when it was announced, made the trip over just to get an iPhone… Mind you, as of Monday, you can even buy an iPhone on contract from Tesco Mobile (Big Supermarket chain… Think Safeway, only bigger and… of course… better :wink:

Tesco is a lot like Costco here :smile:


Apparently Wind Mobile rates have leaked out to the media, not sure if they are legit but if they are then let the mobile wars begin…

100 Province-wide minutes
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling (Canada-wide)
Unlimited incoming  SMS / 50 sent

Always Talk:
Unlimited province-wide calling
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling
Unlimited incoming SMS / 50 sent
Always Shout:
Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Unlimited SMS

Infinite Mobile:
Unlimited data for phones (includes tethering)
Social BlackBerry:
Unlimited instant messaging, Facebook and MySpace
Infinite BlackBerry:
Unlimited data for BlackBerry
Infinite Laptop:
Unlimited data for USB data sticks

Voice: 10c Per Minute with the $15 plan
Long Distance:
Unlimited calls to North America