New but old

Anyone out there seen a snews paper in the last 6 months… getting tired of calling down there…
Wonder how on earth  all the stores in town want us to stay here and shop when you don’t even get to see what is on sale.
also if any of you out there are not getting a paper maybe you should look behind your homes. As I have found a few (like 11) bundles  of papers behind my place… called down to complain about this and the lady tells me she is going to get the mother out there to remove them…
sounds like this lady is a real winner. everytime I talk to her she comes up with something new… I called today regarding the paper for last night and she tells me that I will be getting that paper today as it was to late last night for the kids to deliver… but I never got it today eithor… does anyone know who we can complain to about this…
even the ones that pay for the adds for there garage sales. no one gets to see those… on friday as we dont get them then… so all in all they are just taking money from people and not fulfilling there duties…

You can let your concerns known to the publisher (Tracy) who has about two weeks left in town and you can let her boss know as well.
Her email is
And her boss is William Julian his email is
I’m sure they’ll get right on it for you.

Is it possible to get taken off the news paper list.  I dont want any flyers or news papers

You can call both the Daily News and the Northern to request removal from the list.

That, and the ‘shop at home’ photo in the paper shows a city where they drive on the other side of the road - yeah, really makes me want to ‘shop at home’. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for shopping at home - but I check out prices first.  If something is cheaper elsewhere then I will buy it there.  If the same product is only marginally cheaper in another town, I will spend the extra and shop local - but if it’s drastically different hell yeah I’ll be heading out of town. 

You could always move into here for fun’s neighbourhood they dont seem to get any papers at all there

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thank you, but I tried that today. and take a guess I never got a paper at all. the kid just walked right on by… going to the back of my place tomorrow in the day light to see if I can maybe get my paper from there… from here on in if I here anyone complaining that we shop out of town… to bad no deals in this town… I will get crabby… tracey is just as bad as Chrystal… no point in talking to them…

There’s TONS of deals in this town… how about you get out and find them?  There are retail stores that are feeling the hit of this “recession” we’ve been having and have their “Boxing Week” sales started already.  There is TONS of money to be saved.

The places that don’t advertise are the places you need to hit.

ya like I have all the time in the world to run around… HELLO I do work in this town, I am not going to waist my gas running around to all the little shops in this town. If I see something in a flyer that I want then I will go get it… but that is only if you get the dam paper. so I am going to make a trip to terrace next week and do my christmas shopping there… at least then I can get most of it done in one day…
plus if all the staff did not park in front of all the smaller stores then maybe then when we are going by and see something we can maybe make a stop there… don’t come back and tell me to walk… I walked for the first 28 yrs of my life… I have bought and paid for my truck. I have all the rights to drive

Of course you have all the rights to drive… to Terrace and waste more gas than you would shopping around town.