Never Eat At Wendys, why

SAN JOSE, Calif.

A woman bit into a portion of a human finger while digging into a bowl of chili last night.

She immediately spit out the finger and warned other diners to stop eating.

Then she got sick.

The finger was described by the county medical examiner as being cooked but not decomposed.

Health investigators are on the case. They seized all of the ingredients at the restaurant.

And counted all of the fingers of the employees

Sue the bastards


Oh no, it happened to one person, the whole restaurant is to blame. This is lame, I ate at wendys twice on my road trip and it was good stuff.

are they the ones with malts?

Yeah, they are the ones with malts, I think they are called frosties. Yummy. The fact that this happened in California doesn’t surprise me. Maybe it was someone’s imaginative way to get rid of a human body!!! Or, maybe…it was someone’s idea of a joke, but whatever, it’s not like a peice of a person will be in every Wendy’s chain now. It’s distrubing for the indivudual that bit into it, sort of thing, and I am sure he/she will be compensated.

Wasn’t about a year ago that someone in ohio found a finger tip in their salad at a wendys?

I heard some guy’s hair fell into a bowl of spaghetti-os he was preparing for his family, and everyone who ate the spaghetto-os spontaniously combusted. I don’t know about you, but I’m never going to eat my dad’s cooking because this will totally happen to everyone!!!

Snopes has the details:

[quote] Employees at the Wendy’s store were asked to show investigators their fingers after the Tuesday night incident. All employees’ digits were accounted for, officials said, adding the well-cooked finger may have come from a food-processing plant that supplies the company.

“All of our employees have ten digits,” said Denny Lynch, a spokesman for Wendy’s International Inc., based in Dublin, Ohio.

Why poin a FINGER???

give my your fingertip and I will split the dough with you… What a good way to fight the poision producing monsters. Lets take down the BIG M. They are one of the biggest destroyers of rain forest and they use it to raise mad cow. Fast food joints are a great place to get rid of rancid or human meat… :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :open_mouth:

Helping to solve the homeless problem, bit by bit…
“unofficial spokesman”

munch munch…

I found a long, black hair in my Wendy’s burger about a week ago. I pulled it out, flicked it onto the floor, and finished my meal. I doubt I would’ve done the same thing with a finger, but who knows? I’m not going back though, because their burgers have crappy sauce. All I could taste was damned mustard.

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]Helping to solve the homeless problem, bit by bit…
“unofficial spokesman”

munch munch…[/quote]

Reminds me of Charlton Heston running through the streets yelling: Soylent Green is people, soylent green is people…

or the old Twighlight Zone’s “It’s a COOKBOOK!”