Neptune Inn

Anyone know whats happening at the Neptune. Looks like the restaurant is getting an overhaul…opening soon maybe???

i called there before they said “we are closed”  click

Closed indefinitely in November.  The kitchen needed a complete overhaul of an expensive part and they decided it wasn’t worth keeping open over the “slow time” of the year.  All the staff was let go and told it probably wouldn’t be opening any time soon.

sad to hear, was a enjoyable place for breakfast. My new favorite for good ol’ breaky is the crest, mmmm spicy chicken omlette <3

It is going to open again soon with a new person running it. By May I think.

  nice… they hired a great cook last year, and I hope she’s hired back… they served up some good dinner specials… mmmmm…

I’d heard it was opening early in May as well…possibly with a chef from Afghanistan?..time will tell I suppose.

Yes the Macro Manager wanted to get rid of all the staff as well thats why the late start on the Renos, the cook that is coming in is her sister as will most of the rest of the staff will be her family, which is really not fair being that Rupert has such a high employment rate and all the employees there were great.

I meant uemployment and people wanna work, but there are no Jobs right now.  And please dont telll me that there are Jobs here cause even Zellers has been laying off people due to this economy.

Oh oh, better hide the port ed llamas! :unamused: :confused:

There’s always jobs here, only lazy people can’t find them

Ah billy, with you on that side of the argument one fears we are all doomed

It just does not work to say there are jobs in town.  How many people do we have actively seeking employment and how many jobs are there?  This little town is hurting, business after business shuts it’s door and even gov’t funded jobs are being slashed.  I certainly haven’t seen any job postings and a check today of the job bank shows 5 offerings, none of which the average person could get.  One is for a pharmacist, one for a mechanic, two for merchandising (need car and sales experience) and one for a cook.  Perhaps Billy will be kind enough to tell us where the jobs he says are here are hiding? 

One of my roommates use to go out and come home with a job that day,  go to school if your the average person

hmm, billy urging people to go to school, there must be a word for that isn’t there?

This sentence above identifies the need to upgrade your English skills.

And also please define “average person”; clarify what you meant by the phrase “average person”?

You can’t just look on job postings and expect to find work. You have to pound the pavement, get your resume’s out there, let people know you’re seeking work. Trust me, getting a job takes effort, not just surfing the net…

    unemployment rate increased from 2009 :
February 2010 the number of people collecting E.I. is around 650
Same time last year… was 500 people collecting E.I.

You left out those that don’t qualify for EI anymore and apparently don’t exist anymore.

  your absolutly correct … sorry … the oversight of those whom are the people who matter the most.