Needs New Music!

Thanks to my iPods ability to store a mother_load of music… I’m bored of everything on it. Seriously. I need some NEW TUNES!!!

Here’s my playlist as of right this very second.
(notice the Douglas Adams representation :wink: )

I listen to punk, hip hop, metal, rock, alternative and everything in between including SOME country, rap and classical…

Any ideas? I like all music, it just gets repetetive.

modest mouse
older queens of the stone age
tv on the radio

Looking hard for ‘TV on the Radio’…

Thanks Dude

MORE, more, more!!!

desert sessions

less “jimmi”, more jimi. ->south saturn delta rips…

big wig-friends
belvedere-slaves to pavement
boys night out- stuck on you
cky-disengage the simulator
danzig-devils plaything
pennywise-now i know, fuck authority, bro hymm tribute
black flag- rise above
nofx-dinosaurs will die, linoleum, bob, bleeding heart disease, the idiots are taking over, dont call me white, franko un-american
queen-fat bottomed girls
transplantz- tall cans in the air, a quick death
kiss-lick it up, love gun, detroit rock city, rock 'n roll all night

there’s also alot good songs by these artists but these are my personal favourite.

I only really dabble with entire albums, but I’ll hunt those down. Gotta say Alpine, I’m harsh chillin to Modest Mouse right now, thanks for the tip.

all the nofx songs i listed is on the greatest songs ever written album

I saw some Ozzy, but no Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath is definitely good. Judas Priest is also, can’t remember if I saw that on your list, though. Another one is Rancid, they’re good, and the Ramones.

Nice, thats the one in queue right now… Check out the thread I posted about ebay… any ideas?

thats funky fresh you ernjoy modest mouse! word and stuff.

definitely black sabbath if ya already dont have it

deltron 3030?

I’ve got The Instrumentals album by Deltron 3030, good shit. One of my favorite, wordless albums out there. If you like D3030, you might like Heirogylphics, they’re kinda like Deltron 3030 gone oldschool rapish…

Flogging Molly.

gotta get the non instrumental, I use both. the 3030 album for homework that doesnt take that much concentration, and the instrumentals for when i need to think a lot.

heiro is pretty cool, i guess, i dont listen to much rap unless it makes me think and laugh these days though…

i dont knwo if you’re into blues but…
canned heat - boogie with canned heat

ooh ooh ooh. a trendy one:
franz ferdinand, their album is pretty good.\

ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars

I’ve also been listening to Franz Ferdinand. SHould I feel guilty?

Also, the Cranberries. They rock.

no i actually think that franz ferdinand has some legitimate musical talent and should be enjoyed liberally.

Wow. I haven’t heard that name for a loooooooong time. I used to listen to them in grade 9.

I downloaded a whole pile of Ella Fitzgerald’s tunes two weeks ago. Now that’s singing.

Modest Mouse is great stuff

I suggest some TurboNegro, Chevelle, glassjaw, Hayden,Local H, Sparta and the stills… enjoy or hate.