Need to update transit from the original 70s schedule

Our transit has been the same since BCTransit started in Prince Rupert sure they say they have done changes but really the only “major” changes have been 2 things like the 51 Sealcove rerouting on return dwntwn goin to cowbay way & the rerouting on 53 Crestview they changed the direction of the Crestview loop. Sure these are changes & the other so called changes by taking bus stops out & wow they finally deside to upgrade the bus shelters & take out the original 1970s shelters & put in new ones & install couple of new ones in new locations. These are useless changes & ive never heard of anything for the public to give feedback to BCTransit? Then after I googled BCTransit feedback section on there website I seen a BCTransit review I opened it & seen a yearly report & wow a feed back from the people of Prince Rupert asking for new night transit & a much needed Sunday transit