Need a Project, again

I know I know I asked last year and this was a while ago. I had asked if there was anyone who was looking to get rid of an old vehicle sitting in their lawn for a few years with minor problems, ones that a student could learn and work on.
The cars offered to me were off the road for 4-8 years and were way beyond my level of skill,
Does anybody have an old truck that has been sitting in their front lawn that is more of a pestilence then a luxury? a truck maybe with high kilometers, flat tires worn out clutch, maybe the starters gone.
If you do or know anybody who is trying to get rid of a truck either for extremely cheap or free, I will pay for towing and this is another project, last year didnt work out exactly as I planned even though the people at hackingthemainframe really helped,
thank you 

Moving this to the wanted board.  Good luck.

1987 Ford Ranger Extended Cab $500 bucks PM Me if interested.

Got 2 free cars if your interested, ones a 1994 caprice, x cop car, x taxi, propane and gas still runs just needs battery, and the other one is a 1994 dogde shodow, both have no papers but cost Luke $7 to get them from ICBC… 

Green Dogde Shadow 94" … =723571489

White Caprice 94" … =723571489