Navy Rumour

This one has been around for a while but it seems the Naval base in Victoria is relocating to Casey Cove ( across from the container facility) here in PR.
Anyone else heard about this?

omg it never ends with all the rumors…

this is Prince Rupert people we are getting shit… I believe when I see construction until then its all talk and rumors… :smiley:

As I am one not to jump on rumour bandwagons…I did here a few years ago that due to increased vessel traffic there could be a small base set up in Prince Rupert.

why for the Pirates the roam the coast… Kidding, I too remember something flapping in the wind about it…but it sort a went away like that sore on a old hooker…

I have no idea what I just said, but ya its sort of like that…lol :smiley:

Astro that makes no sense. I think you’ve been huffing some strange fumes in bus stop shelters…lol

Sores on ald hookers never go away!!!..its like the scarlett letter

ROTFLMAO…  way to true Astro!

it surprises you that the rumours never end??? :confused:  we do live in Prince “Rumour” after all