National Geographic Photo of the Day

From Banff:

Automatic timer captures squirrel photo.  Cute.

lol cool…that real?

Ha-ha, awesome!

I love how this pic took off so fast and went viral. They sure are curious little beasts and the fact the camera auto-focused on his little mug once he bobbed into what should otherwise have been an average photo makes it even funnier!

Further proof that squirrels are evil.

They didn’t print the next shot where the Giant Squirrel turned around and ATE THEM ALIVE… :imp:

I’m surprised he didn’t just take off with the camera…“Oooooo, shiny!!!”  :smiley:

Who do you think posted the picture on the internet? It’s probably the squirrel’s profile pic on facebook


I can’t believe no one ask this yet:

Could it be the same rodent? … rels-pics/